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You’ve just turned off the computer after reading all your messages and you decide it’s time to come to bed. As you climb between the cool sheets, I can tell what you’re thinking. I know what you’re thinking.

You can’t see me laying there in the dark, my heart pounding wildly against the satin jammies that you bought me. As I watch you drift into a half sleep, I want you….I long for your touch. Your breathing is even and slow and I gently snuggle up next to you, enough to make you turn over and gaze at me with half sleepy eyes. My hands move over my breasts, down over my tummy caressing my hips, finally stopping at my thighs. As you watch me, I gaze into your eyes and gently place a finger against your lips…. And you know what I want.

My finger moves from your lips, slowly making its way down the side of you neck as I lean over to kiss you. Softly and gently, my tongue enters your mouth as your arms come around and pull me closer towards you. I can feel your heart beating wildly against my chest. My fingers caress your chest, tracing a pattern from nipple to the other; gently I lower my mouth to tease each nipple with my tongue. I feel you hardening against my thigh. Leaving a wet pattern with my tongue, I move down to your stomach, slowly. My eyes watching you watching me.

As I kiss the insides of your thighs, your cock is positioned directly in front of me, standing there waiting for me. But not yet.

I want you to feel everything that is being done to you. My tongue, slowly and wetly licks little circles around you until I take your balls, on at a time into my mouth. I hear a small sigh escape your lips, and I smile. For one brief second I glance at you, seeing you watching me thru half closed eyes…not daring to believe that this is really happening.

I slowly take your hardness between my wet lips, starting from the tip and moving my way down the shaft …. And back up again. Your hands are clutching the pillows behind your head as you as you don’t want to miss a moment of seeing me take all of you between my lips.

Your hips begin to move up and down. Sticking out my tongue, I purposely and slowly lick the hard vein underneath your cockhead, flicking it back and forth as you beg me to take it back into my warm wet mouth. And I do, swirling my tongue around the head, feeling how tight the skin is and the pulsing in the veins below. I push my head down a little bit farther so I can rub the sensitive part against the roof of my mouth, pushing your cock deeper into my throat.

In one swift motion I have you deeply embedded in my mouth as my tongue swirls all around your hot throbbing hardness. Your head is thrown back now, small moans of pleasure coming from your throat is small in comparison to what I feel racing thru my own body. Gently, I let you slide out of my mouth to look at it. It’s so swollen and red, glistening with my saliva and your own precum. I move my body to lie atop of yours, kissing your eyes, your nose and your lips. I want to push my way between your lips, but I know you won’t allow that to happen. I know that you are so close to coming..but I want us to come together.

Your mouth finds my hard nipple, sucking it in between your teeth…and it feels so good. You’re still holding me tight but now with only one hand. The other has found it’s way down to my own wetness and is running along my wet lips. I beg you to slip it between…to slide it inside. But you just smile at me, waiting for me to beg you. You want me pleading and half crazed form the pleasure I’m feeling. I rub my pussy against the head of your hard cock, letting you feel just how wet I am, moving back and forth to capture just the tip into my hot wet pussy. You push your hips up and I feel you spreading me apart, entering me.

My pussy contracts as you slide in, your fingers digging into the cheeks of my ass to pull me closer still. I cry out…it feels so good as I feel you enter me deeper and deeper until you are snug inside my pussy.

My fingers dig into your chest as I grind my hips down into you. My mouth slightly open and dry as I cry out once from your deep thrusting. We stare at each other as if in a sexually hypnotic daze.

Your movements become more aggressive, letting me know that you are even close than you were moments before. You are soaked with my juices, they drip down to your balls. You continue to pump away at me, moving faster and faster I try to keep pace with you, matching your rhythm with my own. Your hands roam over my body, your fingers squeezing my nipples while my fingers start a frenzy all their own on my clit.

Your eyes are fixated on my fingers as you buck wildly underneath me.

I lean over to whisper in your ear…” Are you ready ? Are you ready to come now??”

With one motion, you toss me onto my back, throwing my legs over your shoulders you slide your cock into me with animalistic passion. Moving deep within me, I can feel you swell even more. I move my legs down to wrap them around your waist, pulling you in deeper still. We’re both going so fast and hard that I’m about to lose control. Your breath is coming in heavy rasps. Then you feel it …the same time I do.

As I grind my soaking wet pussy against your groin, you’re nibble my neck when you feel your balls begin to ache from being so filled with come. I feel them slap against my ass as I reach down to feel the wetness oozing from us both. Your whole body begins to tremble and shake as you feel the need to release all that pent up juice.

I beg you…to do it now, as I too am soooo ready to come. You move faster, harder and deeper into my pussy that I ever thought possible.

You start to gasp, and it becomes slightly louder as I feel your cock twitch and jump inside me the same time my pussy contracts and releases all my hot wet juice.

We are no longer two humans…we are only two mad beings crazed and consumed with the same desire to release our selves. Your body rests against mine, I feel the sweat beads roll down between our two bodies, bathing us in the afterglow of the previous moments.

Our heads spinning as the last moments of our pleasure subside, you look at me and smile before drifting off to sleep. A peaceful sleep…

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6/15/2006 4:21 pm

Jeez now that made me forget the ills of my day wifey is in for it later LOL

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6/16/2006 4:38 pm

Well glad to hear it made some one else's day
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