The Perfect Storm  

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7/24/2006 9:17 pm

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The Perfect Storm

The weather had been Hot, extremely hot for days now. So it wasn’t a big surprise when the thunderstorm hit. Sudden, fierce and intense, the rain drops were huge globs of wetness that pounded the pavement and anything else out doors. The storm turned the night dark and eerie. The air heavy and charged with electricity, the kind of storm you can smell long before it actually arrives, the kind that makes the hair on your arms stand up and your body vibrate.
The weather had turned her into some kind of sex maniac always in heat and wanting. Her libido has been as swollen and engorged as the thick air of the blistering noon day sun. It had been a thing of beauty sharing intense pleasure like this but then while out for a cruise the storm hit. She had reclined in her seat, the flimsy fabric of the linen dress bunched up high on her shapely tanned legs, the lower vent from the dash board aimed strategically at her very moist panties. Window down and warm air rushing by as we drove along the seascape in a desperate attempt to out run the heat wave. My finger tips slowly traced teasing circles up and down the exposed flesh as we drove and now the rain came and still we drove til I found a safe area to pull of the road.
I look over to her and lean in for a kiss, the small of her neck along her jaw line to her parted lips, her kiss is almost as intense as the storm. I can feel her need and her heat threw her lips as her tongue dances furiously with mine. Sliding my flat hand up her thigh to reach the elastic of the leg hole in her panties I flick lovingly at the moist spot there. She clamps her legs shut giggles and suddenly bolts from the car leaving the door open as I almost collapse from the manoeuvre. Laughing and swinging her arms in wide arcs she dances in the moon light. Arms spread open to the heavens above , head tilted back the rain pelting the gauzy material of her dress tight to her skin. Outlining the shape of her body and causing her nipples to poke out strong and proud. I can not resist this temptress of the night and plunge head long into the storm.
I guide her twirling body to the fender of the car and when her butt is planted firmly against the front fender fall to my knees in homage to her sexuality. Hands reaching up to pulling the thin sleeves of her dress down her arms pinning her arms to her sides and pushing up the hem of her dress with my soaking wet face as I move closer to her. My hands roam free over her rock hard nipples and across her tummy to her hips as I lean in and rip her panties off with my teeth.
I am hungry now and my need is fuelled by her desire and display of freedom. I nuzzle her soaking wet thighs and lap lovingly at her neatly trimmed patch. Diving in the scent of her is building with anticipation my probing tongue searches out the swollen nub of her. Licking up and down, teasing, flicking and lapping at her. I nuzzle in as she brings one leg up over my shoulder and rests her other foot on the front fender of the car to allow me access to her inner self. Sliding up to and deep inside her my hands slide down to her hips and she begins to pump and grind against my moustache in earnest. Her first wave of delight soon to wash over me, I can feel her thighs clenching and she bucks and thrashes against my probing tongue. Relentlessly I lick up and down and across her love button. Pushing the hood of her clit back with the tip of my tongue then sucking her into my mouth completely.
A flash of lightening rips open the dark fabric of the night as her hand clutches the back of my head and she grinds her shuddering body against my mouth. The clap of thunder that follows almost immediately after drowns out the howling scream she lets loose as she gushes over and over again into my mouth and onto my cheeks. I look up and see that her dress has now slide down her tummy and is bunched at both ends. Both of her thighs wrapped tightly over my shoulders and she has propped her suspended body with only one hand on the hood of the car. I stand up between her quivering thighs, scooping her up by the bum in one hand and pressing her tightly against my chest. Her head rolls back exposing her neck and heaving cleavage to the storm and my hot wet face. I bend down and kiss her passionately and she surrenders completely to me. I allow her to slide slightly and roll her over grasping both her wrists and pinning them to the small of her back as I push her against the hood of the car bending her over the fender.
My foot slides slightly to spread her legs and I slide easily into her molten hot sex my hard throbbing member on the verge of exploding rams into her as my free hand slide around to her sweet cheek. Cupping her face she impales herself on my fingers simulating one of her favourite sex acts. I feel her wetness gushing against my thigh and feel her pulsing womanhood clutching at me. It is almost too much to bare as she screams around my thick fingers and thrashes against my every thrust. Bucking like a bronco I can barely resist expunging gobs of man juice all over her as I pound against the backs of her quivering thighs. Finally I am rocked by an intense and body shuddering orgasm sending globs of my juice deep into her. Over an over again I am racked by the intense pleasure and as I shudder for the last time the sky erupts as well , lightening flashing across the night sky in jagged lines brilliant and hot , bright white light. Leaving everything in its wake a brilliant neon blue the thunder over head loud immediate and earth shaking tells me that last strike was very very close. I allow my softening manhood to slide out of her and sweep her into my arms. I carry her over to her open door and place her lovingly into her reclined seat.
I lean over her to close the door as I slide soaked into my own seat and start the car. Kissing her cheek and watching the night sky sparkle in her eyes there is no need for words as I ease the car back into traffic and head home.

MaggiesWishes 61F

7/24/2006 10:08 pm

You are "wicked good". Very manly and descriptive.
Thanks for heading me in your direction this morning.

warm huggies 2ya both

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