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4/16/2006 3:53 pm

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My Turn to Blog

So, my male half started this blogging thing - I guess it's my turn to add something for a change! I've been peeking at a whole bunch of other blogs - seems there is no subject that is taboo! Used to be you weren't supposed to mix topics such a sex, politics & religon in conversation. I always wondered about that in my younger years - was it because it was against the law? Was it bad etiquette? Was it one of the unwritten commandments that all the grown ups knew about?
But as I got older I realized that those 3 subjects are so tied together.. a boy scout would have a hard time undoing that knot! I mean how many times have the news headlines read "Politican caught with pants down" or "Church denies allegations of sexual abuse" ??
Hell, these days you have to be careful of the words or terms you use with anyone for fear of upsetting them or not being "politically correct". I bet a whole lot of people would feel a lot better if they were just able to say what was on thier minds without fear of what other people might think of them.

I know I feel better!

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