A Rant , warning the opinion expressed here has ........  

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5/4/2006 10:50 am

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A Rant , warning the opinion expressed here has ........

Yesterday they buried a brave young man. Please understand as a Canadian we don't do this all that often. Bury Canadain soldiers. The fact that we have lost fewer then 50 soldiers in 54 years of peace keeping just goes to show that when we get sent over to these places we're there to do a job. Not many want to do this job but as Canadians we only send VOLUNTEERS. Ya all put yer paw in the air and hafta say HELL YA pick me boss. And then they spend 4 monthes trying to talk you out of this. Thats not what burns my buicuits, what has my fur rubbed the wrong way is the ( this is the part where viewer discretion is advised ) whiny asses dope smoking liberals who have nothing better to do with their lazy ass time then march in the streets snivelling about sending Sons , Daughters , Uncles and Fathers to these places and having them come home drapped in the flag??????
Let me just say this about that. You cowards have long since forgotten that Freedom of Speech that you so enjoiy excercising is protexted by these brave souls. THEY are willing to go and to give the ultimate sacrifice as a testoment to their beliefs. They are the ones that you turn to in a time of crisis. You don't want them to go then fine , but you ya gonna call when the shiite hits the fan at home , like in New York ????
My friend , brother in arms that he was is one of those and more because Milo was a reservist, one of those citizen soldiers that had a real job , volunteered in the community and when the time came was one of those who put his hand way up high and said HELL YAA, because he believed in HUMANITY. He believed like the rest of us who go to these places and do the things that you cowards are so afraid to that it will make a difference and that these poor folk non-combatants deserve the things which we have here at home. It doesn't matter who they are or where they live the fact they are human and in need is why we go.
We are also the first in last out when the poop hits here at home , Fires in BC , floods in Winnipeg , Ice storms in Toronto , the downing of Swiss Air in Halifax , HUrricanes and tornadoes and other natural disasters here at home , whhyyyy you ask because as a Soldier it is your sworn duty to make things right where ever when ever and how ever you can. Its a way of life and a personal belief system that gets us threw the really rough spots.
So ya still think its wrong then fine you want to raise your voice in anger great you are intitled to this and that freedom I have sworn to give my life to defend. I am just saying you really want to talk like that get on a feakin plane and head on over to this places and march in their streets and see how freakin far that shit gets you /// Think I'll shed a tear for your dumbass , not in this freakin lifetime. Not even if you were dieing of thirst in the middle of the freakin Sahara desert. Sorry, you wanna shed a tear for your loved one that comes home draped in a FLAG , YOUR FREAKIN FLAG do it but not because you have lost a loved one but because they had the courage to give up their life giving some people a chance at having the freedom you enjoy. Stand the fuck up straight and hold your head up high with pride and dignity for those who have fallen in the past and those that will in the future to preserve those rights that you piss away snivelling in the streets about what it is that they are doing for YOUR country and then ask your whiny ass self what the fuck you have done for your country recently??????
I thought as much , get the fuck out of the street and go back to your desk and shut the fuck up til you can act like a responsible citizen.
Milo you were and always will be remembered for not only your courage to serve your country and you did serve your country well my friend but you will also be remembered for who you were out of uniform as well.


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5/4/2006 11:58 am

"whiny asses dope smoking liberals who have nothing better to do with their lazy ass time then march in the streets snivelling about sending Sons , Daughters , Uncles and Fathers to these places and having them come home drapped in the flag??????"

Well Said ...... seems you are as angry as I often am when I see the abuse of the freedoms people died for ... the very people who mouth that they have inherent freedom to do what they want are the very ones who would do nothing for it ... and then bitch about those who gave it to them ... so sad, ..... actually heard from one who thought we should never have gone to Afghanistan ... and that one is a no brainer .... there is no intelligent argument against it.

My dad died in combat ... initially i felt he died to help others ... every day i am growing more & more to resent it very much ... as i see more and more of those libs using what he died for to try to stop others from defending us, or defending those who need our help around the world ... abusing the very rights he died for.

I could go on for pages ... but YOU know what i mean anyhow ... & ... "THEY" will never know, or care, no matter what i said. I am slowly coming to believe that there is a "Class System" of "superior and inferior" in the soul world .... some just dont "have it".

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5/4/2006 12:00 pm

bi the way ... i noticed she is called "roo" ... is she Aussie? ... i ask as my lil is Aussie born ... wollongong

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5/4/2006 10:21 pm

Yup they are from relatively the same place Roo is from Brisbane

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