Work, Zug Zug, me work! Yes Master =P  

rm_1n1t0 36M
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3/27/2006 6:49 pm
Work, Zug Zug, me work! Yes Master =P

Hehe, well, had a long day at work... one of those days that just drags without much getting done in the morning, and then all of a sudden BOOM, lunch blew by and you are workin your butt off!

Anyway the linux 2.4.19 kernel, icky usb hotplug support for usb drives, the fact that fdisk is no good at formating scsi devices that are actualy usb devices, and a server with logs filling up faster then I can back them up... whew... madness

Anyway, was fun to fix, someday I will be able to just close my eyes, lay down and mentaly fix computers without being stuck at a desk... or log into a secure shell through an implant in my brain while im running... now that would be nice =)

Anyway I certainly don't mind work, I even tend to enjoy it... but I do REALY mind that it cuts into my time to do other things, or especialy my time to socialize with others... because in my line of work, I only socialize on professional business level, no playing =/ hehe

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