Story Part II  

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12/21/2005 6:13 am

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Story Part II

As he turns the car over and pulls out of the driveway, you reach across the seat and put your hand onto his leg. The car squeals as he accelerates down the street, you can feel your body pushed back into the seat as the car speeds away. He tells you that the restaurant is about 30 minutes away and flashes one of those killer smiles. You reach up and turn on the radio, moving the dial to your favourite station, you know he hates it but he’ll put up with it because he knows, yes I’m sure he knows.

Tonight he has done a pretty good job of getting ready, he’s not quite a conformist so the tuxedo that he’s wearing while it has black pants and coat, and his shirt is a beautiful pearl colour with a matching tie. His hair is brushed straight forward, no change there but his cologne is a delightful one you recognize as Drakkor Noir. As you lean your seat back a little he starts the small talk, how was your day kinda stuff, you answer and the time passes quickly.

You know that he drives a little fast and you can see the speedometer sitting between the 150 and 160 marks, but you don’t mind this car was made to go this fast and with almost no traffic the distance is being eaten up fast.

So less that half an hour later you can see the river in the distance as you feel him back off the accelerator. His turn signal clicks on and he moves the car down a small dirt road heading for the water. You can see a large house, or at least that is what is seems like in the distance. As you get closer you can see lights in the windows and the house, which it was at some point has been converted over to a bed and breakfast hideaway. So maybe he has some ideas of his own. Well you can certainly handle yourself, whatever happens.

He pulls up to the house and a valet moves around the car and opens the door for you, you notice his eyes locked onto your legs as you take his offered hand and step out of the car. You are such a tease, you can see the ear to ear smile on his face as the valet looks at your date.

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