why me...?  

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12/25/2005 11:45 pm

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why me...?

for everyone that doesn't know,

i am going to school for a degree in some sort of social work.

NOT to be a social worker cause they get burned out to easy.

but i am trying to find something that isn't easy for me. i tried doing all the social work stuff and i didn't ike it at all, i told the teacher it was too easy and i needed something more challenging. so she sends me to some Theripy classes.


okay, so it's not as easy, but it's BORING! and i still have great grades to prove it.

but my problem is....what am i going to do? what degree can i go for that has me actually thinking? life is hard, raising a child is hard, putting up with my mother is hard, but school....these classes are so NOT hard.

okay, i lied, math sucks, i just can't grip it at all!!! UGH!! i hate math and i hate school. there is nothing in the line of work that i want that isn't really fucking hard.

sometimges life throws you lemons, and for that it sucks...


i am too tired to be writing in here, i don't know what i am talking about.

okay, so good-night everyone

***love and hugs***


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