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5/18/2006 2:15 pm

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a little hotter

I cannot wait to see you; the thought of kissing you drives me crazy. Holding your body close to mine, feeling the warmth of your skin. Your hot breath on my neck. Squeezing you and feeling you squeeze me back.

Our bodies pulled together in a deep embrace. Our mouths tight, our tongues playing between us, first tenderly, then with more abandon. Our lips break apart for only a moment while we catch our breath. Then your hands wrap around me again, drawing my head closer to yours. My beard tickles your nose. We hold each other as we fall into the bed.

With more abandon, our bodies come together again. Your hands reach under my shirt, your nails run up my stomach to my chest. Finding my nipples, your nails scratch them, driving me to new heights of excitement. I roll over on top of you. Kissing you deeply, my tongue finds yours. My hands roam over your shirt, touching your breasts, searching for your hardened nipples. Laughing, you push me away. With renewed vigor, I pull you back down onto the bed, kissing your neck and ears. Whispering naughty things in your ears. I feel you squirm against my hardening cock.

Kissing you deeply again, my hands roam up and down your back, Holding you close, pulling you closer and closer to me. I can feel your softness against me. Spreading your legs, you allow me to lie between them. Then I pull your shirt up, exposing your bra, my mouth sucks on first one then the other breast through your bra. I can feel your hard nipples poking through the fabric. Leaning back, I see your body below mine. "Sexy, sooo sexy" I say as I kiss you deeply again.

Our lips are locked together. Running my tongue over your mouth, as we lay side by side, my hands reach down and pull you closer. "Such a beautiful body", "such a beautiful mind" all in one sweet package. My hands reach into the back of your pants, squeezing your ass cheeks as I bring you over on top of me. You now have me, I am under you. Kissing your mouth, you are soo light. My hands push you back so I can see you with your shirt up, showing off your silk covered breasts. Reaching back, you pull off your shirt, and then reach for your bra. Grabbing your hands, I tell you to wait. Let me enjoy the sight of your body.

Leaning close to me, you kiss me again; our tongues meet in frenzy. Your hands roam over my body, reaching down to my pants you start to open them. Pulling your hands up and your face down to my chest, I tell you to lick my nipples. Playfully, you pull my shirt up, our chests fall together; I can feel the heat as our bellies slide together. Your face slips under my shirt; playfully you lick and nibble at my nipples. Squirming, I pull your mouth onto my breast. You drive me crazy! Up and off comes my shirt. Our bodies move together, friction mounts, as does my excitement. I reach into the nightstand, arching my body across yours. What are you getting you ask, Just wait I respond, kissing you gently, I remove your bra and take your hands above your head. Your breasts are pushed out. I start kissing your face, eyes, nose, and mouth, continuing down your neck, my tongue teases your nipples. I kiss back up the slope of your breasts, around them, tonguing the underside that is exposed with your hands above your head.

Quickly, I put first one then a second handcuff onto your wrists. Surprised, you struggle, but you cannot break free. Kissing you deeply, my tongue probes your mouth. Startled, you quickly give in to the pleasures of our kisses. Rolling you onto your stomach, I kiss your back and neck, moving your long hair out of the way; I find the sweet spot on your neck. My fingers start to knead your shoulders. Slowly you relax, with calming, reassuring words from me. Reaching for some lotion, I squeeze it into my palm, warming it slowly, and then begin to massage you in earnest. Your breath becomes shallow and my hands work your shoulders and your upper back. My slippery hands slide down your sides, firmly, not tickling, but with a sure touch. I massage your lower back and reach under your belly to loosen your pants. I can hear you moaning now. My mouth finds yours; kissing you, I wrap my arms around you, sitting you up.

I tell you to stand and put the chain of the handcuffs over a hook in the ceiling. It is just high enough to keep you on it, but not so high that you are stretched. Leaning back on the bed, I can look at your body. Standing behind you, I caress your body. Such smooth and silky skin, it feels so nice beneath my hands. Reaching around you, I unzip your pants, sliding the denim over your hips, I leave you standing wearing only your bra and panties. Walking around you, I enjoy seeing your body. Your bra is unhooked and hangs from your shoulders loosely. Leaving the room, I return with a large peacock feather.

Gently, I run the feather over your back. Then standing in front of you, I start to lightly brush the feather over your breasts. The bra must go I state, Lifting it, It goes over your head and hangs on your back. Now the feather returns to your nipples, gently, it circles your breasts; I enjoy watching your nipples harden. The feather then slides down you belly. Looping my fingers in the waistband of your panties, I slide them down to your ankles, and then as you step out, I grab a silk scarf and quickly tie your ankles together. You look amazed and surprised. What could I be doing to you? What will I do to you?

Picking the feather back up, I slide it over your body. Over your breasts, down your back, it tickles the top of your ass crack. Then moves down the back your thighs and tickles the back of your knee. Back up your legs until it rests on your pubes. I can see you enjoy the light touch as you start to sway your hips. Moving you hips back and forth, you whisper/cry, for me to touch you. I kiss you instead, one hand on the feather, the other behind your right knee. Pulling it forward just a bit, I generate a small amount of daylight between your thighs. The feather quickly slides between your legs. Slowly I pull it out from between your legs, but as it moves out, the edge of the feather slips between your lips. As it touches your clit, you try to spread your legs further. However, you must keep your legs together. The scarf is keeping them together, until I reach down and untie it. With a sigh of relief, you spread your legs. I can see your juices running down your leg, catching them on my finger, I lick my finger clean. Want a taste? I ask. My finger slips inside you. You are so wet, so hot, taking my finger out of you, I offer you my finger. Hungrily you suck it into your mouth. Bringing over a step stool, I help you stand on it.

With relief, you lift you onto the stool, then start to bring your arms forward. I help let you off the hook. Pushing you back onto the bed, I fall beside you. Kissing you deeply we both fall asleep for a while.

Waking up to you prodding me, I realize your hands are still tied. Standing, I roll you onto your back and explain that you must please me to be released. My cock is in front of you. Your hands are between your own legs. I watch as you play with your pussy. Sliding a finger up and down your slit. Lightly touching your clit, you ask if I like it. Definitely, I say, as I kneel between your legs to get a better view of you. Watching you get yourself off, I stand and step forward. Pulling your legs apart, I lay my cock across the entrance to your pussy. Slowly I ease myself into you. As I penetrate you, my hands loosen your bonds. Kissing you, I pull you up on top of me.

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5/23/2006 8:53 pm

wow!!! awesome.......

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6/7/2006 8:25 am

Thanks maxamillion, I need the positive feed back

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