a first story  

rm_1967ps 50M
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5/12/2006 3:04 pm
a first story

How disappointed you were when you discovered that the airline security folks had confiscated your vibrator, but you got my motor running when you said you were not concerned with bob, only that you wanted me, I was soo happy. My dick got hard, and I had to set my wine on the counter with yours. I took in your beautiful body with my eyes before my fingers traced your panty lines on your skin. Pulling you closer with the waistband of your panties, I kissed you, your tongue found mine and we kissed deeply while the bathroom mirror fogged up.

Kissing you, I knelt in front of you. Kissing my way down your body, I licked your neck, kissing my way down your chest, my teeth nibble at your nipples, taking your whole breast into my mouth, my tongue dances over your nipples. Kissing further down across your stomach, my tongue slides into the waistband of your panties, now my face only inches from your center. I can smell your scent, kissing further down your panties; I nibble at the hair that grows at the garden of paradise. I am on my knees in front of you. Pushing your legs apart, I slide between them. Reaching down, I unbutton my pants, my cock springs out. My tongue finds you. Pressing the fabric of your panties into your slit, I can taste you. My saliva and your come mix, using my fingers, I move the damp fabric out of the way and my tongue slips into the pink folds of your pussy. Teasing you for only a moment, I find you clit and suck it into my mouth. Sucking it, I find you are getting wetter and wetter, your come drips down my chin but my tongue keeps trying to collect it all.

As I turn around you slide back onto the counter top, your legs spread to take me inside you. Slowly I enter you. My cock slides all the way inside you as my fingers play with your clit. Arching your back, I can tell you are coming. I can feel your pussy gripping my cock with its warm, friendly embrace, I feel like Jim Morrison as you satisfy me. Your fingernails scrape my back. Bringing me further inside of you, filling you up, your panting becomes more frantic, I pull your head to my chest, commanding you to suck on my nipples. Your tongue feels glorious, I’m going to come I tell you. Quickly you slip off the counter, your mouth still attached to my nipple, your hands stroking me, you kneel in front of me and looking up at me, you say that you are ready. My cum shoots onto your face, over your tits, into your open mouth. You take my shrinking cock into your mouth, licking and sucking the last bits of come off it. Then, you stand, rubbing my come into your body; you tell me how good it feels to satisfy me. Kissing you, I say the night is still young.

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