What a train ride  

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5/17/2006 5:49 pm
What a train ride

I simply must tell everyone about my recent train trip to Eugene OR from Seattle, WA. I took a very late train, and after passing through Portland, most everyone had either gotten off the train or was asleep.

There was one attractive blond who sat a few seats back from me. She was wearing a black leather mini skirt, and a halter top that did very little to confine her ample breasts, at least a D. Well, while everyone else was asleep, I turned backwards, checking on people in the car, and saw her staring at me. I smiled and said hello, but she said nothing, only spreading her legs to give me a beautiful beaver shot of her hairless pussy. One of her hands dropped onto her lap and I saw her slowly moving her skirt up toward her waist. Not being one to miss an opportunity, I rose, and moved back closer to her seat. Her eyes were closed and I could tell she was enjoying herself by the way her chest started heaving. Leaning in close, I ask “Is there anything I can do to help?”

Her eyes popped open, and she started to blush. I must have started to doze off she said, looking into my eyes. Hers were the most clear and beautiful blue eyes I had seen in a long time. I moved to the seat across the aisle and said to please not let me stop her. That’s when she fully awoke, and slid over to the window. Please she said, I do need some help.

Being a gentleman, I slid into the seat beside her and said I would do whatever I could to help her out. She sighed and said she had hoped so. I put my hand onto her thigh and immediately moved it up to her wet pussy. One then two fingers slipped straight inside her. My thumb found her clit. Massaging it, her hands went to mine and she started moving them in and out of her pussy faster. Her breath started coming quicker and she arched her back releasing a flood of her come all over my hand. Taking my hand out of her, I gave her first one finger to suck on, then both. God was she good. My mind started racing. I had to have this woman now.

I stood up, and motioned for her to follow me. Taking her into the bathroom on the train, I pushed her down onto the seat. With nimble fingers she loosened my pants and took my cock out. It was staring her right in the eye when she swallowed it all. Taking it out of her mouth, she started licking the shaft with gusto, rubbing it over her face. Then she sucked it back into her mouth and swallowed all of it (7+” I fucked her face for a bit then told her to stand up and turn around.

Bending her over, She grabbed the counter behind the toilet seat and spread her legs. I pushed my cock inside of her. Holding her hips, I started to really fuck her hard. She was moaning “fuck me, fuck me” when I started to come. Pushing my cock all the way inside her, I shot my load deep into her pussy. I felt her hand on my balls and started getting hard again. Leaving my cock buried in side her, I reached around and started tweaking her nipples with one hand, and feeling her shaved pussy, dipping deeper to reach her clit. By now my cock was hard again, and I pulled my hands away from her. She muttered her disappointment, but then changed to moans of pleasure when I pulled her ass cheeks apart.

I started pushing on her asshole with my thumb. She started pushing back, I spread open her ass hole and dropped some spit onto it. Taking my cock out of her pussy I put the head of it against her pooter. Spreading her cheeks apart, I began pushing myself inside her. First a little resistance, then I slid all the way in. Her come made an excellent lubricant when my cock slid inside her. I started pulling it out and pushing it back in slowly to start. Then she said “fuck me harder”. That was all the encouragement I needed. Grabbing her tits, I pulled her back onto me hard. She started arching her back and rubbing her pussy and my balls. I could hear the slap slap slap of my balls and the motion of the train moved us both side to side.

We fucked like that for what felt like hours but was probably only about 15 minutes before I started coming again. Filling her butt with my cream, I buttoned my pants and went back to my seat. That was the last time I saw her. I went to sleep and the conductor woke me up in Eugene. I looked around for her but she was gone.

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