Breaking out  

rm_1967ps 50M
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6/17/2006 7:45 pm

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8/31/2013 2:08 am

Breaking out

It's getting close

The day I leave my prison

Will the loneliness be worse

Will it be solitary confinement

I don't think so

I will be free to meet the people I choose

I can do what I choose

evilgothgirl 52F

6/17/2006 8:20 pm

Just keep telling yourself....

I'm a sexy beast...and I do what I want!!!

Best wishes! ~~Evil~~

rm_katetonite 50F

6/17/2006 9:04 pm

And buy a six-pack on the way out!

rm_1967ps 50M
19 posts
6/19/2006 5:30 pm

Thank you all for your words of encouragement. I know I'm everything I want to be, everything I desire to be, but it is nice to hear it. And thanks again.

I will be getting a couple of bottles of wine on the way out for the housewarming party and all my friends are invited.

The party will be July 8, make plans, I'll let you know where to be

maggie2108 64F  
57 posts
6/22/2006 7:26 pm

Hey...very good stories! I think you will do just fine. Sometimes it's hard to see that bit of light, but it is what you make of it!! Trust me! So nice getting to know you too..thank you

Mary Jo (maggie)

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