So far it's been pretty good - a note about Heathrow Terminal 3 car park!  

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7/16/2006 3:38 am
So far it's been pretty good - a note about Heathrow Terminal 3 car park!

Hi everyone,

So here we are, eh? I've not had a chance to post for a bit, been busy, and to tell you the truth, just couldn't be arsed. I've never had much, if any, free time, but killing it on here when i have jobs waiting isn't cool. I've tried to contact people, but they must not be feeling me very much. Guess it's all about the cock shots and harsh images, i mean pics... man i hate that word and how it's used these days.

Then again, i guess if i was a woman looking to hook up then that's what i'd like to see. A great big cock, stuck up in the air at 60-odd degrees or so.

That last bit sounds like classic penile length envy. HAHA! No it's not.

So what about the art, and what an image is trying to convey to you the viewer? Again, most people don't care for that... all they want to see is how big and how thick... i find myself having to remind myself that AdultFriendFinder is just a site for people to hook up. So wonderful images are so far down the list it's not funny. Funny that, because it's right at the top of mine.

I was searching for people the other day. And i'd noticed that i was looking at lots and lots of profiles, but the people i was contacting seemed like normal people that you could have a conversation with. I guess good communication and intellect are high up on my list... again... why am i here then? No disrespect to you guys, but again you're not here to find someone for lengthy discussions. It's just to hook-up.

It's taken me a long time to finally get it. You know i might just shoot a cock shot of my own. Chuck it up here and see what happens. Of course it won't just be a 'snap' (man i hate that word too)... if i get a chance i might just have to do that. Watch this space.

Last week i had to drop some friends off at Heathrow Terminal 3. They've recently built a new extension to the T3 car park. The problem with this is there are only 2x lifts serving the 4-5 odd levels. Now if you're on the 4th floor, like we were, you're waiting for a lift to be free to come all the way up to you. But all the people on the floors below you are hogging the lifts. So do what we did, use the stairs and carry your luggage to the GFL. Grab a trolley and go where you have to. Bad design that.

Any lenscap off moments recently? That VW Eos ad is pretty good. Managed to avoid the reflection of the camera car in the side of the car, unlike the Mazda RX8.

Shout to you guys. Enjoy whats left of the weekend and here's to the week ahead.


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