How many bouncing balls?  

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11/24/2005 3:06 pm

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How many bouncing balls?

Hi everyone,

I've finally tracked down the website for the Sony Bravia telly ad. The one that was shot in San Francisco. I was convinced it was all CG (Computer Generated) but if you go to you'll see that it was all shot for real. Check the behind the scenes video. You'll need the latest Quicktime Player to view it though. Love the tune.

Man how cold is it now? I've been scraping the car windows nearly everyday this week. Shout to the lady down the road who starts her car and turns the wipers on till the ice is gone. Doughnut.

So Bam Bam, Street Boy, Charlie and Lisa on Kiss 100 all have a touch of OCD. Bam Bam's even giving advice on air on how to beat it. Seems it's a progressive disease. Meaning if i've got a bit of it now... it'll be unbearable in later years.

Got absolutely battered this week. Had such a laugh with some friends. Seems it might be a more regular occurance now 24hr boozing has been permitted.

Still not had much luck hooking up with peeps for some fun. Just haven't really got much time to spend on the computer. But i have had some people contact me in the Groups section about posing for me.

Should be finished with this project i'm working on in the next few weeks. Then i'll be able to shoot some new images of them, and with their permission, post some images for the rest of you guys to see.

Hope this finds you well. Snows expected tomorrow. Mind how you go on the slippery stuff.


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