Love vs Sex  

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Love vs Sex

As you looked around the room you noticed that the English teacher is speaking to a parent on the phone. The parent was being difficult about understanding why there child is failing. You look over at another table where the math teachers have gathered and are figuring the odds of the lotto jack pot as if they are the only ones going to win. You are startled from your trans when another teacher taps your arm to get you’re a tension. You spill the drink that you are holding on the front of your dress and realize it will stain. In frustration you try several things and nothing works. You responds back at Roger (the one who tapped you) “what did you want by the way?” “I was letting you know that this Saturday, I would not be able to help you like I promised, sorry.” In frustration you leave the break room and head to class where your students will be at in about ten minutes. As you walk and mumble to yourself (thinking of the stains and not having help on Saturday) a small child stops you in the hallway and asks “Are you pregnant, are you going to have a baby, my mom is getting big and she is going to have a baby.” As you look down with all the tension build up you politely reply “congratulations on the new baby, but I am not pregnant.” And then you turn and head to the classroom. The rest of the day was fine with very few problems, as if the morning didn’t have its share. When it became time to drive home you was very happy to see then end so near. You get into your Jeep. Two blocks into your drive and it starts to rain. You left the soft top and doors at the house. So driving home with it raining, you start thinking of all the bad things of today. When you arrive at home soaking wet, the garage clicker does not work. It was sitting in a water puddle in the middle console. You fight with your keys and get in the front door. Your boyfriend yells from the other room “Hello” pause “How was your day.” You just cry and try to talk but it is just a mumble. He quickly grabs a throw blanket off the back of the couch and wraps you up. As he notices and you start making sense. That you just had a bad day and you are not hurt. He swoop’s you up and carries you in to the living room where he sets you gently on the couch. He tells you not to speak no more. He runs and turns on the bath, as the tub is filling up he reaches for the calgon. He reads “1/2 a cup and your troubles will be washed away.” He looks out at you on the couch and sees your make up running on your face and you still sniffling. “I better use more then a cup” as he pours a lot in the tub. He then runs back to you and say “Your bath should be ready soon.” He then helps you out of your wet clothing. He runs back to the tub and turns it off as you finish slipping out of your panties and bra. The bra drops, as he turns around and he pauses. The look as if it was the first time he seen you. He then comes to you and swoop’s you up. He carries you into the bathroom and places you in the warm water. He washes your back and proceeds to your arms and fingers, he then Proceeds to wash your front and unto your legs. He excuses him self for a minute. As you lay there you start thinking about how lucky you are. He returns and helps you wash your hair and continues to bath you as if you were a child. He does each of his moves with the cloth smoothly and slowly so you can feel his love for your beauty through his caressing motion. He then helps you out of the bath and wraps you in a towel helping you pat dry. As he leads you away from the tub you see he has picked out some men’s pj’s bottoms and a button up shirt. He helps you with the shirt and then buttons only one button. He then helps you with the bottoms; he pulls the string and loops it but not tying it. He walks you out to the living room where pillows are placed on the floor. You start to sit and the door bell rings. He walks back in to the living room carrying a pizza. “OK we washed away the bad times of today, and we will sit and watch what ever you want and eat pizza.” He says as he sits the pizza on the coffee table. You reply “the tub was a little sandy.” “A little to much calgon?” He responds, questionably. “Yea.” As you lift up the pizza box. After one slice you lay down on your belly on the pillows and he sits beside you. He then starts to rub your back. Time is lost the house is dark as you wake. You realize that your shirt is unbuttoned but your bottoms are still looped and your boy friend is still clothed. Knowing your boyfriend is the biggest horn-dog. He is always trying to get into your pants or his cock in your mouth. That thought on how lucky you are was right then reinforced. You scooch up to him and kiss his cheek whispering thank you. You lay back in his arms, he replies your welcome. Surprising you, as you fall back to sleep with a grin.

You can be fucked by any one. But how many can be loved by someone?

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