rjmaggie 51M
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9/10/2006 9:32 am

This is one of my favorite words. I believe it is a better word than "wisdom" to describe what it is we acquire as we get older.

As an architect, the drawings that I create and work with are technically accurate, but exist only in mind. What I mean is that the way we actually view the world is in three dimensions. We attempt to depict reality on paper, so more people can understand our ideas, by learning to draw in "perspective".

In life, I think it is much the same. We all get caught up sometimes, focusing too much on the small details. To see things more clearly, when evaluating and trying to solve our problems, we need to step back and look at them with a wider perspective. In a larger sense, this is also the reason we teach history in school (a lot of people ask why) and the reason we should all seek knowledge of history - so that we have a better perspective on current issues. Those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.

I have told my daughters numerous times, when they feel bad about an argument with a friend, or have something they see as a crisis in their life, that "in the big picture" most of these things will quickly become insignificant. How much emotion and anxiety do you really want to devote to something that won't even be a memory in a few weeks?

Just something I've always wanted to share...

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