What this Blog is about ... and what it isn't about.  

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6/11/2006 7:36 pm

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What this Blog is about ... and what it isn't about.

I live in New York ... out in Long Island. Born and raised in Queens and I have had the pleasure of experiencing almost any woman I have the pleasure of talking to and wanting.

That never seems to be the problem.

The issue BAFFLES me when it comes to caucasian women. I have NEVER ... EVER had a white woman.

Now, some black women, when this topic comes up, tell me I shouldn't be looking for one.

I love my ebony sisters to no end. But I think ... since we go around only once in this lifetime ... I'd like to try sexing a white woman and feel the intensity ... or lack thereof ... I don't know.

I want to know.

and I want to know the experiences of others ... from white women on having or attracting black men ... and black men trying to get a white woman's attention.

now, the conditions are you have to be from New York ... metro area at best ... because if you live upstate, it seems you can get a white woman easier than if you lived, say, in Long Island.

I want to know what's wrong with white women in NYC, Brooklyn, Long Island, and the general metro area verses country chicks upstate. Because there's a clear difference.

Meanwhile, as the discussions continue ... I'll be trying on AdultFriendFinder to make that connection from time to time and report my findings.

Does that mean I'm not dating black women ... or latina ... or any other race? No ... god forbid. I have too much talent to focus on just one race. I'm not looking to get married. I'm dating freely and I'm a safe adult about things (as I hope you are too) ... so while I'm still hard and ready, I'm going to do my interracial sex search and see how things go.

Tell me your experiences and I'll keep a running talley.

Score: (as of this posting)

Chatting to white women (NYC/LI/Boro's): 0
Chatting to white women (upstate or other): 0
Interested white women (in me): 0
Sex with a white woman (NYC/LI/Boro's): 0
sex with a white woman (upstate or other): 0
Sex with a black/latin/other woman: 2

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