New Bikini Time !  

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7/9/2006 2:19 am

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New Bikini Time !

She woke me up this saturday about 11am. I had a tough week and stayed up too late researching on the web.

I told cowgirl that I was taking her shopping today. We had done some shopping the night before but got to the mall too late to do any serious looking last night.

Cowgirl knows that I usually have a hard time using the NO word on her, so she luvs for me to be her shopping buddy. She always seems to tag me for something that wasn't on the list. She relies pretty heavily on my personal opinions and tastes as a male and I rely on hers also. Another one of those couple things.....

We arrived at the mall and first exchanged a camo bikini bought the night before for a different color and size. Made a couple shirt purchases at same store and a new watch for her. She thinks she lost her old watch at the last stratford party. The end of party night drunken pile up claimed that piece of her jewelry. She thinks. Tequila had clouded her thought processes that wicked fun night.

After several more purchases with the final being at FB's makeup counter we hurried to catch Captain Jack Sparrow's new flick. It was sold out and the next show was sold out also. I suggested that we drive over to Marion and surely Captain Jack Sparrow would be playing there also. We pulled into the theater parking area just in time to race to the ticket counter and purchase seats for the next show. We had an hour to kill and decided to head over to the local Marion Mall for some more looking around. We walked into one of the big anchor stores at the corner of the mall. This store is well known for its designer clothes and high end fashions. Well, there was this multi colored bikini hanging on the wall display and she was not leaving until a try - on...........

Back when I first met the cowgirl I was just a green-broke colt. One of the training tasks to finish this male out was the total shopping experience. Oh, I had plenty of experience in following insane people around malls, but with cowgirl it is a new experience. I was first introduced to the dressing room experience and my first session was at V-secrets. We or she had gathered several sexy lingerie items including panties and it was time to check for good fit. V-secrets have large dressing or try-on rooms and now I know why. The rooms are made for more than one person. Yep, the sales girls just smile as your female partner leads you in by the hand into the dressing room for a little fashion show. I was like OMG when cowgirl would invite me into all these dressing rooms when shopping. I was always hard, constantly dripping and wanting sex badly...full blown heat for me. Oh, and the look on many other customers faces when you come bursting out of a try-on room with handfuls of female lingerie and cowgirl wiggling behind me all always.

Getting back to the present story, I have finally found the ultimate dressing room for my fantasy and it was about to be my reality show. This sucker is large enough for group and even has a chair in the corner. Here I was in the chair parked next to the full length mirror off the beaten path with cowgirl trying on the hottest bikini of the year. I instantly felt little willy standing up to be petted. I pictured one of us leaving with rug burns on their ass or straight pin puncture wounds from the pins laying around on the floor. Man, this is it, she is half naked and the rest of the bikini can stay on or be ripped off doesn't matter. I told her we had lift-off and she just smiled while looking in that full length mirror. Just as I reached for her to light the fires to get this luau started...... our 4yo demon child stuck his head under the dressing room door and yelled,"MOM"! That boy of ours saved her again from my wicked advances. He is always in the middle just when I think I am going to nail her really good.

Anyway, I know what store we are going shopping at again, and I will be getting a sitter for the next trip. It is time to move the furniture around in the try-on room. The movie was a good one and can't wait for Captain Jack Sparrow's d v d to become available.


PS....mention the shopping word to me and I start dripping....wonder why? Do you remember Pavlov's Dogs? Ring that bell baby!!!!

SirMounts 103M

7/9/2006 11:24 pm

shoppingshoppingshoppingshoppingshopping. *winking* lol
A very warm welcome to blogging, ridemcowgirl. *smiling* write very well.

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