* Don't Pay The Electric Bill *  

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7/5/2006 11:28 pm

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* Don't Pay The Electric Bill *

My day started off with no smokes to go along with that first cup of coffee. Not good. I made it up to the office and started in on my backlog of customer orders and customer complaints. Not getting any better. I was going strong by 11am on the super-computer in the office when the power clicked off. One of the secretaries asked if I paid the fucking bill. Great, just fucking great!

I forgot my cell at home because of the lack of smokes, borrowed my 15yo's cell, who was in the
shop playing with sparklers trying to blow the whole fucking place up. I wanted to call home to see if power was off there also. His cell phone goes dead while ringing, borrow another cell phone from my shipping manager and finally connect with home. Cowgirl says power out there also. No power, no computers, no incoming phone calls on the 6 telephone lines. Now what? I stumbled around trying to find something to do. Hmm, the other 4yo demon boy- child is terrorizing the shop also lighting jumping jacks.

Cowgirl had been on chat before the power killed my puter and her last message to me was something
about being horny today. I tell em I will be right back and slip off to home with horniness following close behind or maybe leading the way. Walked in the ranch-house and lo and behold she is in bed napping?? This day was getting better! I slithered ever so kewl-like next to her and she wanted the eroscillator. Sorry honey the power is off. Fuck she says! Yes Baby, talk dirty to me! Oh, cowgirl says we have the other toy and fetches it out of her play bag. Darn honey the batteries are dead. What size does it take she asks? Triple A's, FUCK again she says and we don't have any that size.

We play lick em and stick em, and I am whispering nasty replays in her ear about what a bad, bad wife she was last friday night. Oh it was starting to heat up!! I hear way off in the background the whine of a little 50cc ATV engine. Damn, the 4yo demon child has climbed on his four-wheeler and coming home from the shop. I knew I should of yanked the keys out of his ride when I left the shop. We hear door open, the stroking is getting faster, hurry, hurry she says! Now pitter patter of little footsteps on the stairs and a loud "MOM" ! Almost there, YES! This day was much better now.

I grab a pepsi and about that time the power kicks back on. Back to the shop I go with demon child following. I am making money today! But, it gets worse.

I got my office super-puter back up and cruising all the daily haunts on the web. My cell phone goes ringading for a text message. Cowgirl has sent me a text at 12:18pm and it reads:

"I have been masturbating since u left.....mmmmm....got off 3xs......"

Another text message from cowgirl at 12:47pm and it reads:"I just walked a mile on the treadmill."

Another text message from cowgirl at 12:49pm and it goes like this:"M i good or what?"

I'm thinking that I do not want to answer that question right now while I am slaving here at the office. I had some suspicions as to what transpired when I left her like a "twinkie" earlier with the power just kicking back on. My imagination was playing tricks on my psyche....and the damn customer complaints all seemed to come at one time. Try to calm down pissed off customers while your imagination is running wild about what cowgirl is doing to herself at home alone. You will promise them anything just to finish the fantasy going on in my fat head........

I got home early to prepare to go to a 4pm dentist appointment and I found the eroscillator next to
the bed and yes it was definitely plugged into the wall, my suspicions verified!...........off to the dentist and she was driving, this is gonna be out of control..........I need my helmet! Buckle up!

I am thinking about not paying the electric bill this month.......should I?


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