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2/27/2006 9:28 pm

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"Almost" - Bowling for Soup

Hello Kids,

I thought I would also tell you the group that the song is from since that is how I am naming my blogs from now on.

Almost. I was supposed to meet someone tonight so I drove about 40 minutes to the town they wanted to meet in.

Almost. I sat in that town for about 45 minutes.

Almost. I drove 40 more minutes to get home.

No phone call. No email. No kidding.

That is kind of a depressing way to spend an evening if you ask me. But it is my Blog so I am going to ask you.....

Is it wrong to think that a lady should call or email to let you know that they are, or were, unable to meet when they set it up?

How many other people have gone through this type of event?


rm_furys_fancy 48F
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2/28/2006 9:11 pm

It's only basic consideration that one should call or leave an email. If it's extremely close in time, a call is preferable. One can never tell the last time someone checks their email.

I've never been stood up, luckily, but am sorry you experienced the inconvenience, especially after driving 40 miles tonight. Perhaps there was a good reason for the person you were meeting not to be there, but in the future, I hope they let you know in advance.

realcoupleWNY 56M/52F

3/5/2006 9:34 am

Hi there,

To be honest...the person probably forgot to call you, because they were with someone else they really liked at the time. You need to remember the site you are signed up on....its for sex......sometimes people set up backups for sex on here, if their original partner is not available. If the original partner becomes available.......they will not show up for your meeting.....

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