WHY, WHY, WHY ???????  

richardlv2 83M
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2/19/2005 4:22 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

WHY, WHY, WHY ???????

Why is it?
Women in general say they want the truth but either truly do not like or do not accept it?
Example: I say let's have some hot,slippery,nasty sex and they say "I am not that kind of a girl!!!!! I just want to dance and go to movies and dinner and talk."
Another part of my question is,"then why do you come onto a sex partners introductory site????"
One woman answered that "I thoughtswinging was a type of dancing." Oh really????????
I am a senior male that still likes tofuck and eat pussy, a lot, and a daily BJ is good for the health. Sex for fun and for free releases good chemicals into the body and brain and that must be good for the spirit.
What I mean by for fun and for free is not making it a contest or a barter system where the woman uses her pussy as a reward or for currency or the with holding of sex as a punishment.
PUSSY POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You have it , Use it,but don't abuse the greatest single power in the world!!!!!!!!!!

Mixed messages, What am I just a mortal supposed to do when you send me mixed messages such as your MOUTH says " don't want to have sex"and your pussy is dripping wet
WHY, Why, why ?????????
Are their any honest senior women out there???????

rm_CustumBill 61M
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2/20/2005 11:24 am

LOL, did know one tell you about their rule book? I have been told that its a woman's goal in life to keep us off balance. To make us NUTS. However, if you know this ahead of time you can win before she understands that she did not do what she set out to do. I'll give you an example. I went on a date with a gal from AdultFriendFinder, and the first thing she said was NO SEX. Now she said this before I even said Hi, I'm Bill. LOL. Now most guys would have been depressed at this point, however she didn't know me from Adam, so what the hell I went out anyway. It was nice, I let her do most of the talking seeing how she had so much to say. She was confident, sexy, you know the kind of woman you want to have sex with. Well, to make a long story short. Right when she thought she had me where she wanted I said goodnight. LOL, she was shocked. I didn't even try for a kiss. She looked at me and said "is something wrong." No, I said, its just your boring. I said goodnight and went to leave. Before I even got to steps, she stopped me and tried to chew me out. Well, I stopped that and said "hey you start the date with 'no sex" and then you did all the talking and most of what you talk about was sex." Well, all she could do was look at me. She knew she had been busted, and then she kissed me. I kissed her back and well when she put her arms around me she was mine.
Now I know those of you who read this are thinking I am a player, or worst. Well, maybe, however didn't she try to play me first? Ladies, just know we have a rule book too.....

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