Hiding my bits  

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4/10/2005 4:26 am

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Hiding my bits

You know men have a 'bulge' that women don’t. Now I have lovely flat front - just like women - and that goes a long way towards making me feel feminine (if you understand).
So how do I do it?
Well my balls are gently pushed back up inside - an 'operation' I am so used to doing now there is no pain or trauma. That’s where they stay all day and every day.
The penis is slightly more of a problem, but I just fold it back and hold it in place between my legs with my knickers/tights.
Although I have lovely, frilly knickers and definitely not any passion-killers, I do have to be careful that they have elastic both sides of the crutch to keep everything in place all day long - and I hate throngs!
For me its all now normal and even when I’m wearing jeans or trousers and supposedly dressed as a man it’s still all tucked away - I wear women’s underclothes every day.
But more on clothes later.

nightstogether 58M

4/10/2005 7:53 am

I'd find hiding away quite painful, the thought itself is somewhat uncomfortable too! Sometimes when I am masturbating or being given a blowjob, one of my balls starts travelling and, if I'm lying on my back, tries to climb up towards my shoulders, an experience which I find off putting and disconcerting to say the least. I prefer having my balls hanging downwards and not tickling my throat. Let other's balls tickle my throat and chin, there I have no problem whatsoever!

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