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Yes boys and girls it's finally back... the next few chapters of alison's dream, all about a boy called James who wanted to become a girl and was now realising that dream thanks to help from his mum - but in secret from his dad. he was about to go out on a second date with a boy called Peter... Check back for the start of the story to June 21st (I think)... with gaps...

The doorbell rang and I carefully walked down the stairs ‒ not wanting to fall on my heels and strain or hurt myself. Why was I being eager. After all this was a boy and in reality I was a boy, dressed as a girl maybe, but still a boy underneath all the fancy frills and the make-up.
It was Peter. He had a broad grin across his face and I smiled back. “I thought you might never want to see me again after last time,” he said. “Are you ready?”.
“Yes,” I said grabbing my handbag and feeling like a real girl as he led me down the path by my hand. For once in my life I didn’t care about anything in the world. The neighbours’ curtains were surely twitching, but I couldn’t care. I had my boy.
He carefully helped me into his car and closed the door after me. As he sat in the driver’s seat he leaned over and gave me a gentle peck on the cheek. ”Thanks you so much,” he said. “This means so much to me.”
We drove to the local shopping centre and slowly walked in. It felt so natural to be with him holding his hand. I didn’t have a care in the world. Well at least not a care, until I saw a couple of lads from my college sitting having a coffee.
Now we were heading for a major problem…

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Wonderful wonderful your back
Love Annette

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yes, sorry for the 'gap' folks...

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