Alison's dream. Irreversible changes  

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Alison's dream. Irreversible changes

As soon as I got in I took my mum up to my room and while I changed back from Alison to James ready for dad’s arrival back from his golf I told her of the problem we faced.
I could see her going pale, just as I had done in the cafĂ© with Peter. “I had hoped not to have tell your dad until a little further down your ‘development’ road,” she said. “I suppose we’ll now have to tell him and bring it all out in the open and just hope he will be happy with it and accept the situation.”
“It’s a case of when and how. If he’s had a good round of golf this afternoon that will help!” But secretly both mum and me knew there would never really be a good time to tell him.
“He could even lose his job over this,” said mum in quiet tones. “Maybe we should never have started down this track to change you into a girl ‒ but you wanted to become one and I really wanted a daughter. It has meant so much to me to see you change and become my little girl.”
I agreed. I felt so great as a girl. It really was a dream come true. Something I had longed for all my life and I wasn’t going to give it up now. Anyway my body changes had now reached the point of being almost irreversible.

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9/12/2005 3:45 pm

Alison is really in a jam now isn't she hope she comes through this ok
Hugs Annette

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