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8/30/2005 3:13 pm

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New Blog

Ok so here is my first blog entry.... and as you can see by my blog name, Cheap Form of Entertainment. As I see it Computers now a days are just here to waste time for most people. I mean the average person spends more time chatting or playing games on the PC then working. Why because it costs too much to do anything else. Gas is going through the roof! Just to go out on a Friday night costs about a 100.00 for dinner and a movie. Hell it would just be cheaper to find a cheap whore and pay her 50.00 for a BJ. or whatever they would charge. I guess thats why these sites cost 149.00 for 3 months or 1 month or something. Its just that if you want to meet someone you have to PAY for it... amazing isnt that like being a whore or pimp so to speak....

Now if someone wants to contact me then to have access to my e-mail you have to be a member.. just cause I have a yahoo account with the same name doesnt mean a thing does it.... hmmmm is it really worth being a member???? Just to get my e-mail address???? The bright women caught on to that one....

now that I got that off my mind lets talk about sex... its great if your not a member you can leave a wink for someone... hmmmm are they going to take the time to message you when you CANT message them back????? and of course everything is under review.... why so they can cut out e-mail addresses so they get their 10 billion dollar a year profit????

Maybe I am just frustrated and need to get laid who knows....

Please leave your thoughts I love a good chat....



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