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4/24/2006 8:56 am
flexible implant

FLEX IMPLANT or home adaptive soft implants

Imagine that you feel like having your sexual appetite expanded, trying to hunt for a partner, to tease or seduce one of your targets;

Imagine you don’t want to appear permanently with a super erected penis or super fully breasts;

Today you don’t need to return to surgery every time you need to adapt the volume: you can manage it at home with the new patented flex implants!

How it works?

You get an implant in flat condition by surgery:
- through its valve you can fill your implant up with your filling drum at home,
- through its valve you can empty your implant again at home whenever you feel like,
- you get an adaptive implant volume to reduce all tissue stressing phenomena, (tightening or hardening of the scar tissue that surrounds the implant)
- you will have a limited stabbing cut because of reduced volume (implant in empty situation) to introduce in your body place with modern surgery techniques,
- the filling inlet/outlet in your skin will be the visible piercing you’ll have to properly maintain as any piercing,

Who is producing these implants?

We are just investigating for the moment!
Any news hereabout is welcome!

Concerned PATENT research:


- complete volume adaptation
- without surgery
- at home


Development of patented new concept of soft implants!

It is based on 5 major requests from the clients:

- reduce tissue stressing phenomena (side effect of new concept)
- obtain post-surgery the perfect size of implant (side effect of new concept)
- minimize the surgery stabbing cut through introduction of empty implant in the body (side effect of new concept)
- get the full flexibility of volume control after surgery at home to empty and refill your implant
- improve shape stability of the implant

Looking for collaboration with one of the major manufacturers!


Many of the changes to the shape of the breast after implantation are irreversible.

Removal of the implants may leave unacceptable dimpling, puckering, wrinkling, or other cosmetic changes to the breast.

Breast implants may affect your ability to produce milk for breast feeding.

Breast implants make routine screening mammography more difficult.

Breast implant surgery carries the same general risks as other surgical procedures. Check with your doctor for more information about the standard risks.

(Rey dyd)

6/4/2006 3:23 am

its genius for all of us who wants flexibility, not being all the time in full uploaded erection or heavy weight breasts!

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