reverend21 50M
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4/1/2006 4:24 am

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4/23/2006 11:15 pm


Where are, are you here?
Are you close, are you far?
I can feel you so I know you exist,
a heartbeat that is a perfect match for mine,
The soul that completes mine.

Funny to cheer me up when I am sad,
Sexy when I am plain,
sophisticated when I can't figure out which fork to use,
caring, when I hurt on the inside,
a should to lean on and an ear to listen,
a compromise of philosiphies,
someone mature enough to know that sometimes we have to agree to disagree,

Someone to teach and lern,
someone thoughtful when I am rash,
someone who will look at my imperfections as unique qualities,
someone who will help me up when I fall.

I know you are there,
know that nobody is ever gonna love you as well as I can love you,
No one will ever respect you and encourage you to follow your dreams as I will,
Know that I am your destiny.

ohsodelicious 58F
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4/1/2006 9:24 am

rev{=}Nice poem...did you write it..."a heartbeat that is a perfect match for mine" that line


reverend21 replies on 4/1/2006 10:25 am:
yes, it just came from the heart

HBowt2 60F

4/1/2006 12:56 pm

I hope you find her...

reverend21 replies on 4/1/2006 1:32 pm:
me too

frogger1995 40F

4/1/2006 8:45 pm

You know I hate poetry...but that smile gets me every time!

reverend21 replies on 4/2/2006 1:28 am:
yo are making be blush

reverend21 50M
1913 posts
4/1/2006 10:25 pm

actually, I wasn't attemting to write a poem, I realy did not realise I had until someone told me

Allsleeky 37F

4/2/2006 11:19 am

I'm right here, not so far!

reverend21 replies on 4/2/2006 1:33 pm:
but your married and not looking for paymates

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