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He had thought she had saw him smile in that moment of hesitation at the door.

Hospitals were worse than prison, they take your clothes, your dignity, confine you to a small place, at least you could earn money in prison, her you had to pay them for treating you like shit.

Doctors never learn, after the morphine had no effect on him in the Emergency room you would think they would have used something different to sedate him, all knowing idiots.

Slowly he eased out of the bed and turned everything off, then he unplugged everything and looked for some clothes.

No such luck.

Peeking outside, he saw a nurse helping a patient to walk down the hall in the opposite direction from him.

The guy looked to be about the right size, finding his room, his clothes were easy to find.

Not quite his style, a little tight in the chest, but it would have to do for now.

Checking the hall again, he moved as swiftly as possible to the stairwell.

As the door closed he heard the now familiar sound of her heels.

That was close, he thought as he started to move down the stairs.

The pain was increasing as he moved, but he could manage the pain.

Pain was an old friend of his.

One more flight to go, but as he turned the corner he saw her standing there, hands on hips, she was a lovely sight, even when she was irritated, very irritated it seemed.

She could decide if she was more concerned or angry at the time, but she knew she had to get him back to his bed.

“Just where do you think you are going?” she asked, not really caring for an answer.

The expression on his face melted her heart, as he reminded her of a kid getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar, she almost smiled.

“Your bleeding again, you need time to heal, and you have a friend waiting to see you”

Friend he thought, what friend?
“Sorry to disappoint you, but I really do have better things to do than sit here, and vegetate,” he replied wryly.

The look she gave him made him smile, she was honestly concerned for his wellbeing, and she was obviously not amused by his words or his actions.

As he moved to her he could not help but wonder, what was this power she had over him?

Reluctantly he agreed to her demands and they moved to the elevators.

She had put an arm around his waist and put his arm over her shoulder to support him, she was very surprised that he really didn’t need it, but she felt as if he agreed to this only to make her feel better.

The doors opened and as they started to step in there stood the NSA agent.

“Guess she has you figured out,” the agent said, ”welcome back.”

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1/15/2006 2:20 am

Being an x-ray tech, I have spent many nights in hospitals. Nice story. Happened a few times too.
Do you write of the true nature or just to express?
I am new here and can't send emails yet. Just winks so far. I have folks in Henderson, NC, sorta way north of you being near Asheville.

Can I ask you something? Do men really remember such details about a woman?

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I cannot speak for all, but I know I do, and my writing is pure fiction, as I am attemting to begin writing again after almost 20 years. Thanks for the comments. Keep reading as there is more to come

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