The Price  

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The Price

“Your friend has quite a fan club” Shari bragged,” after we kill him, you will cut him up for us”

“Jesses will take his heart to Cebu to collect a bounty, Tsonga will take his head back to Rwanda, Jawed will take his left arm to collect a bounty in Oman, and I will take the rest to various parts of Asia.”

“Why do you all hate him so much?” Sherry asked

“Look at my face, he tied me down and did this to me twenty years ago, in Burma”

“As I remember it, there were four of you against him, and he was wounded”, Sherry retorted.

The look on Shari’s face told her that was not a wise move to say that.

As a evil smile spread across Shari’s face, ”you, you were the girl, my, the fates have been nice to me, would you not say so Tsonga?”

Tsonga stood there, a blank lifeless stare on his face, Shari knew that expression, he turned quickly to the others, Jesses crumbled forward like a rag doll, “he’s here!”

Jawed looking around, panic clear in his eyes, Shari grabbed Sherry by the throat and lifted her to use as a shield, he glanced over to see Jawed, his throat neatly slit from ear to ear dropped to his knees.

Shari was alone, and he had never heard the first sound, no warning, this was not a man he thought, this was a demon.

“I will kill her” Shari yelled into the open room.

“You will kill her anyway,” Connors voice replied, ”The question is how much do you wish to suffer before you die?”

Connor stood revealing his location to Shari, hands empty, palms open out for Shari to see.

Shari did not hesitate in pointing his gun at Connor, trembling as looking into Connor’s eyes he can see only his death.

Steadying his aim he fires quickly, Connor, shot in the chest crumples forward into a bleeding mass on the floor.

“No!” Sherry screamed in disbelief.

Shari stood there for a second, “he’s dead, he’s dead and I killed him, finally the terror of terrorist has fallen, and it was by my hand”

Tossing Sherry to the side, Shari triumphantly walked to Connors limp body.

Kneeling, he turned Connor over, he wanted to look into his eyes, see the life leave them, too late he realizes his mistake, rag doll limp he falls beside Connor.

“I have severed your spinal cord,” Connor said to Shari as he struggled to sit up, ”you can hear me clearly, so I’ll explain, severing your spinal cord has shut down your body’s automatic functions, you will be quite aware as the weight of your own body smothers you, I have not killed you, you will kill yourself, slowly, and the only person you have to blame is you, your hatred of me, has finally been your undoing.”

Sherry rushed to Connor to help him to his feet, “he shot you”

“Yes, yes he did ,” Connor replied dryly.

“Are you all right?” Sherry asks, “why did you let him shoot you?”

Connor looked into her eyes, lifting his hand to her face to gently cup her cheek, “it was the only way to save you.”

Her head was spinning again, this was twice he had saved her life at the expense of his own body.

Suddenly, it came to her, all her relationships had failed because she had given her heart to him in Burma, a heart given freely never to return.

All those years she had thought him dead, and now he had returned to save her from the same man again. Connor sank to his knees, pale, shock approaching, he lost consciousness.

He awoke to a strange face at his hospital bed, “Where’s my doctor?”

“I am Doctor Einon, I will be treating you from this point forward due to unforeseen circumstances”

Confused, Connor looked to the doctor and asked, “what circumstances?”

“Your doctor is getting married,” Connor heard jack say before he saw him.

His heart sank, she was better off with out him anyway. “To who?”

“To you” Sherry announced as she entered the room and kissed him on the cheek, “I gave my heart to you twenty years ago, and now that I have you, I’m not letting you go again,
But I do have a question for you.”

“Besides will I marry you?” Connor replied with a smile.

“Well, I was wandering, how did you get those roses into my room?”

Confused, Connor raised an eyebrow, “What roses?”

HBowt2 60F

2/18/2006 2:05 am

I often wonder who would I be willing to die for........Well done....hope there is more from you pen xxx

actlikeanimals 61F

2/18/2006 2:21 pm

My favorite part:

Suddenly, it came to her, all her relationships had failed because she had given her heart to him in Burma, a heart given freely never to return.

Thank you

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