The Balance Beam  

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1/11/2006 11:41 pm

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The Balance Beam

Darkness, no noise, no light, no sensations what so ever.

OK, last thing that he remembered has that bitch shooting him, using a baby doll as a holster, almost as bad as that couple that ....NO! not that memory.

Let's just think for a moment it's dark, it's quiet, not unlike that time in Cebu...another bad memory.

He had made friends with most of his "ghosts", but still a few memories haunted him.

Calm, find your center, breath, in with the goo air, out with the bad.

OHM, OHM, OH-My god this is boring.

let's see I was shot in the back, took care of those three, then that little harlot shot me me...three times was it?

It was difficult to remember.

So this is death, could be worse he supposed.

Looking to his left he saw, nothing.

Looking to his right, even more nothing.

No heavenly gates, no roaring infernos, guess all those people were right when they said that Heaven would not want me and Hell would not take me.

Even in death he was alone, figures.

He felt her then, standing behind him, flesh against flesh.

Flesh....where the hell was his clothes.

It's dark, I'm dead, I can finally feel her touch, and I'm naked, and oh yea, I still can't see her or know who she is.

"Relax" he heard her say, "I'm here to save you"

For that one second he knew what he must do, and he released his heart, never to have it return.

He was flat lining, dammit! She had not come this far only to loose him now that she had found him.

Tears starting to well inside her as she yelled at him, "your not going to die on me, not now not ever!"

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