Standing Outside the Fire  

reverend21 50M
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4/23/2006 6:57 am

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4/27/2006 12:37 pm

Standing Outside the Fire

We call them cool,
Those hearts that have no scars to show,
the ones that never do let go
and risk the tables being turned.

We call them fools,
who have danced within the flame,
who chance the sorrow and the shame
that always come with getting burned

But you got to be tough when consumed by desire
because it's not enough just to stand out side the fire

We call them strong
those who can face this world alone
who seem to get by on their own
those who will never take the fall

We call them weak
who are unable to resist
the slightest chance love might exist
and for that forsake all

They're so Hell bent on giving, walking a wire
convinced it's not living if you stand outside the fire

Life is not tried it's merely survived
if you are standing outside the fire

There's this love that is burning
deep in my soul
constantly yearning to get ot of control
wanting to fly higher and higher
I can't abide standing outside the fire.

meerkittykat 43F

4/23/2006 7:32 am

Good song..if you want it, you better go get it yourself and not wait for others to bring it to you.

The whole "In Pieces" album is good, and I'm not a big country fan. Garth writes good lyrics.


reverend21 replies on 4/23/2006 4:18 pm:
yes indeed

saddletrampsk 55F

4/23/2006 7:48 am

What a beautiful poem..very thought provoking..I prefer getting burned to the coldness of being alone..

You are cordially invited to [post 319220]..looks like their are lots of red hot steaming woman waiting for a sexy dude like you..

reverend21 replies on 4/23/2006 4:18 pm:
names, I need names

Jeepidiot 43M

4/23/2006 8:26 am

Always been a fan of this song. Of course I'm for the most part standing about 20 feet away fromt he fire.

reverend21 replies on 4/23/2006 4:19 pm:
afraid of getting burned? trust me, getting burned will not kill you, it may hurt, but that which does not kill us only makes us stronger

ohsodelicious 58F
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4/23/2006 8:35 am

rev{=}good song...haven't heard it for awhile...

Good day...OhSo{=}

reverend21 replies on 4/23/2006 4:20 pm:
for you, anything to get you to smile

kelly402005 53F

4/23/2006 2:54 pm

Beautiful lyrics......
~~ Spelled out by a lovely man.

Thanks so much,

reverend21 replies on 4/23/2006 4:21 pm:
well, I wouldn't put Garth in the lovely category, but the lyrics are very insprirational


4/23/2006 2:54 pm

I am such a scarred little fool
With no fears but many tools
Taught by life that I've tried
Still even more I've survived
There's this love that is burning
deep in my soul
For the perfect moment to burn out of control
Waiting to fly higher and higher
But only for the perfect match to light my fire

Good post rev,

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

reverend21 replies on 4/23/2006 4:22 pm:
Maybe that perfect man is knocking on your door, with aflame thrower to ignite your flames for all time, so that they may burn brighter than ever before.

ArgosPlumyKooky 46F
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4/23/2006 3:04 pm

please i say take me to the fire

reverend21 replies on 4/23/2006 4:23 pm:
I wish I could, but you are the only one who can venture into the flames of passion, no one can push you in, it has to be your choice, a leap of faith if you will

bardicman 51M

4/23/2006 4:42 pm

I have always been one to stand inside the fire.

I am not dead yet

reverend21 replies on 4/23/2006 4:59 pm:
I dance there quite frequently myself, always hoping for that one time when when I am graced by love once more

digdug41 50M

4/23/2006 5:11 pm

just call me johnny torch!3

roaming the cyber streets of blogland

reverend21 replies on 4/23/2006 5:36 pm:
notice how there are more males willing to take the risk tahn women

kelly402005 53F

4/23/2006 6:38 pm

    Quoting kelly402005:
    Beautiful lyrics......
    ~~ Spelled out by a lovely man.

    Thanks so much,
I was talking about you!!!
~~You spelled them out here!

You don't get me, do you?

Take your time. I'm complex!!

reverend21 replies on 4/23/2006 10:13 pm:
I figured as much, but I just wanted to see if you would come straight out and say it. I'm even more complex

reverend21 50M
1913 posts
4/23/2006 11:33 pm

yep, but the reward is oh so worth it

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