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No matter where I go, I hear a simalar story.He did me wrong, he doesn't respect me, etc, and it usaually ends with I'm glad I had a friend like you to help, you mean so much to me, hey what about this guy over there?

Lets look at this (he did me wrong)
OK, what was your chief reason for picking him, was he the nice guy, or the Adonis?

(He doesn't respect me) what was on yor mind when you were attracted to him?

(I'm glad I had a friend like you to help) Gee, speaking of respect?

(you mean so much to me) really, then why are you going after anyone else?

(hey what about this guy over there) Glutten for punishment?

Is this a vicious cycle? Being a glutton for punishment?

Think about it, eveerytime you need to be picked up, someone to listen, isn't it the nice guy that lays his heart at your feet? Right before you stomp on it?

Sorry, but for someone who desires respect, you don't seem able to give it very well. I guess that's why nice guys always finsh last.

Hey, if we started treated you like shit, maybe we would stand a chance of getting laid too!

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4/6/2006 8:17 am

This is post 69 for me, how fitting that the post it self seems like a 69 in itself, the upside and downside. My little anouncement, 69 posts, 373 comments, and pushing forward, hoping that I have given you all things to smile about, things to think about, and maybe jsut maybe, actually made a small difference.

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