Most guys don  

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7/9/2006 9:09 am

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Most guys don

prideMost guys don’t think about soul mates, no matter what The Bachelor says. Strong also considers the very concept of soul mates a more feminine event. “Men don’t look for soul mates nor do they really think about meeting their soul mate. Sure, a man can be in a happy, committed, connected relationship, but he won’t necessarily tell his friends that he’s with his soul mate.” Women are more aware of a soul connection because they are more introspective in that way. Women need to feel a deeper connection with a man. That soul connection is there–but men just don’t define it.

This one I grudginly agree with. Emotionally, men are usually shy, where as women usually deal qwith their emotions. Is that testoterone- Estrogen thing again? The Right side - Left side of the brain thing again? I think it may go even dooper than that. Take the Lion for example, the female does the hunting and brings home the food usually, while the male stays home baby sitting and taking care of the young. When a threat comes near, the male will usually die to protect his pride. Now lets examine this a little closer. (yes I realise someone is gonna think that I'm sexist) Female, traditional preparing food, male traditionally protecting the home, his "pride". We have went beyond the traditional roles, but notice the word pride, the male takes pride in his family, for most men this is the emotion that is seen, only.

Men are also shy when it comes to matters of the heart. Yes, I know we talk about sex all the time, but if you listen, we use conotations and nicknames, yes we like to talk about it, but are a little shy when it comes to using exact names. Women on the otehr hand, use emotiona in almost everything, and love using the proper names. I have overheard women talking about me, I felt like a peice of meat in the butchershop window! You women are a little too anilitcal!

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7/9/2006 12:17 pm

some men do look for their soul mate....and the connection they find is only awesome....

reverend21 replies on 7/9/2006 1:55 pm:
I know that I do, but I have to look beyond myself in these matters if I am to learn. As with all things I do such as voting I have to look at what is best for the whole, not for me personally.

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