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The recall sirens woke Connor from a deep sleep, “another exercise,” he thought, getting dressed quickly, he smiled as he grabbed his backpack and headed to the armory.

Connor had joined the Air Force in an effort to avoid combat, it wasn’t that he was afraid, it was just he had hunted any and everything at one time or another, he did not want to add man to that list.

The Air force had no combat, jets and pilots, mechanics, jobs like that.

It was not long before he discovered his mistake, his job title had the word “defense” in it.

That word “defense”, it was a loop hole for congress, that way they could put women into combat.

What else could you expect from a bunch of rich attorneys.

Connor eased through all the training, most of it was second nature to him anyway.

His first assignment was Clark Air Base, Republic of the Philippine Islands.

Clark Air Base was located on the largest island, and it was huge.

A tropical paradise, constant temperature year round was 85 degrees, beautiful women every where you looked, all Connor knew was that was on the opposite side of the world from where he belonged.

Connor had been trough several military exercises, preparing for the worst, hoping for the best.

Bored with it all he decided to make his life easier by stuffing his backpack with foam rubber, it looked very nice, very heavy, and it made things bearable.

Armed with weapons, his 13 - man squad formed up and headed to the air strip.

A C-130 cargo plane was waiting for them, engines running, it was taxiing down the runway before the rear door was fully closed.

Another Base ‘X’ scenario, he thought as they lifted off, circle the base a couple of times and then pretend to attack it.

Lt Brushburn called everyone to attention, he was the squad leader, he was opening a sealed envelope.

“Two hours ago the military commanders in Burma organized their forces and announced that they were taking over the country, they made this announcement to allow all non-combatants to be evacuated. Our mission is to secure the air field and get all American out of the affected area. We will be the first ones in, the Marines have been mobilized and will arrive in three days.”

Reality was beginning to set in for Connor, he was going into combat, his pack was stuffed with foam rubber, he did not even have a clean pair of underwear, and he was sure he was going need one, soon.

Arriving at the air strip, all the training took over, a perimeter was set up, the area quickly secured, as Americans and their families were loaded into the back of the C-130.

Brushburn came to where Connors fire team was dug in, he quickly explained that one of the Ambassadors kids was missing, a 13 year old girl named Sherry.

Connor and one other would be dispatched to find her and bring her to safety.

The combat was growing increasingly closer, forcing Connor to be separated from his partner, time was not on his side.

Turning the corner he saw the ambassadors quarters, “almost home free,” he said to himself as an explosion knocked him to the ground.

The house was on fire, things just went from bad to worse.

Connor heard a scream, his body took over, rushing him into the house through the flames.

Connor didn’t have time to explain anything to her, seeing the terror in her eyes, feeling the flames at his back, he grabbed a blanket from the bed and wrapped it around her.

He paused for a second to look into her eyes, ”I’m not going to let anything happen to you”, and he covered her head, as he rushed back through the flames.

Arriving outside he immediately lay her down and rolled her on the ground to put out the flames.


He turned to see four men eyeing the girl greedily.

Slavers! With her blonde hair the girl would bring them enough money to retire anywhere in the Asian world comfortably, after they had they had their way with her.

Still aflame, he dove across the distance that separated them, two down, two to go.
The knife sunk deep into Connor’s arm, he jerked back and struck hard and fast, crushing his attackers throat, only one remained.

The knife, he grabbed it, pulled it out, and in one fluid motion, he slashed deep into the leaders face, creating a deep diagonal gash in the mans face.

Leaving the man to wallow in agony he returned to the girl’s side to find she had fainted.

The flames had been put out during the fight, he was bleeding and going into shock from the pain, but he had to get this girl to safety.

He brushed her hair from her eyes and lifted her gently into his arms, steadying himself, he looked skyward to see the C-130 leaving.

They were trapped, he was going into shock, and the sounds of combat was growing increasingly closer.

Connor made his way to the beach, placing her into a small boat and pushed off.

He was barely conscious when the sailors pulled them aboard, the Marines had arrived!

Connor would survive, and the girl was safe, the next few days were a blur, being transported to Clark Air Base, the hospital, much like now.

Twenty years later he was in another hospital room, close to death, but he would live.

Jack had given her the keys and directions to Connor’s home, if she was to discover who we was, this would be the place.

Sherry looked at the keys, then at the house, she was not going to learn anything just standing in the driveway.

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all the right stuff! when can we have more!?

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soon with ine next day or two

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