appreciate it for this, if nothing more  

revelinthedance 35M
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4/13/2006 9:36 pm
appreciate it for this, if nothing more

I notice that, as my life becomes busier and busier and I don't seem to have time for a lot of the activities that were formerly so frequenly enjoyed, I become far more appreciative of the smaller parts of those aformentioned activities. A certain location. A certain song. A certain piece of art. A certain book. I've always enjoyed sitting down with a good book, but it seems of far more import just to have that luxury now that I so seldom do. Even reminscing about the many evenings that I've spent on the beach with a bottle of wine and some good company, watching the sun go down, brings me a profound sense of peace in the middle of a hectic day. Never have I appreciated Chopin like I do when on the stereo in my office during a busy day. My melodic calm in the middle of the storm. Some of the pictures from my Italy vacation that adorn my office walls can lead me to lose myself and for that brief time period I'm relaxed again.

Is there a song, piece of art, memory, etc. that you can default back to that will suddenly put you at peace? How long has it been since you simply reveled in a wonderful moment of the past and been relaxed. What is it that relieves the tension in your back and shoulders for those ever so precious moments and makes the whole day better for it?

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