Whores!/acceptable prostitution  

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3/21/2006 8:37 pm

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Whores!/acceptable prostitution

Amused by the number of profiles on this site that specify generosity as a pre-requisite for meeting for some/any typy of adult fun, I must point out the remarkable similarity that this bears to prostitution. One profile went as far as to say that she needed a man who would pull her out of debt. Others state that they are looking for a "sugar daddy", and still more say that they are looking for older men who are very generous with their money. If you break all of these statements down, it eventually comes out to "I'll fuck you for money." That is prostitution in it's purest sense. Perhaps not the $300 on the nightstand kind of prostitution, but still a raw exchange of sex for money.

Reading still further into these statements, the people looking for "older gentlemen" who are very generous with their money are wanting to be the beneficiary of a sizeable estate when the aforementioned older gentleman inevitably shuffles loose the mortal coil before they do. Those looking for a "sugar daddy" and the one I've seen looking for a man to pull her out of debt are plain enough. It all equals out to "I'll fuck you for money or presents." And now I must state what anyone who is reading this had to know I was leading up to. These women are WHORES, in the most literal sense. And, as their are men that have the need, desire, and means to pay for sex, I'm sure there are some jackasses that might take the prostitutes up on their offer. Of course, one must wonder if this is just a thinly veiled "personal" add for a private "escort". It may indeed simply be a way for prostitutes to advertise.

That being said, I find it reasonable to move on to other parts of the culture. Let's just look at how the meat market/dating scene operates in our culture. (Surely, this will offend a much larger portion of the readers.) The customs that we have established in our culture, especially the younger generations, resemble prostitution rather closely. The custom of buying a drink for a woman at a bar or club before really engaging them in conversation. This is, essentially, paying for her company; something which is remarkably like an escort service and, if the initial interview turns out well, the man may just buy her another, or dinner, etc. This is not to say that all women require men to buy them a drink before conversing, nor that all men would simply assume and do so before engaging in conversation, but merely that this is a widely recognized and largely expected custom of the meat market. If this is the established mode of a male/female interaction, then things will continue in that way, the man continually paying for the continued pleasure of the company of what is essentially a prostitute. And, if the interview stays on the prescribed track, the man will continually purchase drinks, meals, appetizers, gifts, etc. until enoug time and money has been expended to warrant sex. For some, this amount is more than others but, in the manner that most courting rituals are conducted today, it is essentially the bare bones nature of it.

Not really wanting to extend my treatment of our whore-ish culture into a great many specific examples, I would simply ask anyone bothering to read this, which I assume you've done out of either amusement or irritation at this point, to apply the theory demonstrated therein to all of the male/female prescribed interactions that you can think of. (of course, the roles may be reversed in some instances, but this theory still stands) If you find that a situation you apply it to fits this exchange model, then ladies and gentlemen, you've found yourself a prostitute, no matter how culturally promoted that particular model may be.

I grow tired, but I had to put this one out there, being that it is something that has provided amusement for me for many years at this point. And, every time I bring it up to people in a group, I always get mixed responses. Some, generally the women, get pissed, some of the men agree vehemently, other men keep their mouth shut because they are attached to one of the now pissed off women, some will get insulted and try to insult me by calling me cheap (obviously confusing some of the point I made), and still others play the devil's advocate and choose to rationally argue the point. I far prefer the latter response, but I thought I'd see if the distribution remained the same when I put this out to people on the site. I look forward to any replies/points of view I get on this one.


3/28/2006 10:23 am

I pay my own bills and my own way. If I ask someone out it is my treat and I expect the same in return. However if I ask someone out I don't expect that I have services redendered because they have the pleasure of my company or bank account. Heard this point of view several times.

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

revelinthedance replies on 3/29/2006 12:43 pm:
And, because you pay your own way and ask for no handouts, nor give any I assume, I would bet that you are not one of those people that would list generosity as a pre-requisite for a "relationship". Bravo. I kind of wonder if there is somebody somewhere that has a market value list for these things, though. The way people have prescribed gifts for certain anniversaries. First anniversary is paper (whatever that means), the 50th is gold, and there are probably prescriptions for every year in between. A drink earns you some conversation with a smile, two gets you some light flirting. Three and you can dance together. Four is groping and kissing. Five is oral sex. six is a good, healthy one-nighter. Seven....and you're probably sexually assaulting a someone who has passed out....

Just musings, really.

RedheadedMedStd 35F

3/28/2006 11:17 pm

Hear, hear WOW! I've heard it too. I will say the whole word whore makes me uncomfortable, prostitutes, sluts, pussies, that doesn't bug me. The c-word and whore just feel like a poker in the stomach. I think it's cause of the whole idea of whores being dirty and scuzzy and whatnot. I can see both sides though.

Keep up the blogging, I enjoy it! I'd just be a little more tactful on wording, you may alienate a large audience who otherwise would give you the feedback you crave so much...

revelinthedance replies on 3/29/2006 12:35 pm:
Tact requires restraint, and neither of those things have ever been strong suits for me when in the midst of random expostulations. Of course, it never occurred to me that people might view the tone as threatening and thus not respond either. I'll take it into consideration.

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