Trying to figure out the equation.  

revelinthedance 35M
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4/7/2006 9:27 am
Trying to figure out the equation.

I browse through here a lot and, having given up on most of the possibilities that I had earlier assumed would be inherent in a site like this, I've fallen to attempting to figure out what exactly the elements are that will compose and belie a fake profile. Whether this fake profile be an individual identity thief or the site itself, trying to bolster the number of appealing members to draw more in, thinking they will actually get to meet these figments of someone's imagination. This imagination, however prolific it might be, is still rather limited and uses a very prescribed format. Unfortunately, some of the ACTUAL people on this site have been uncreative enough to copy that format. Still, there are a few things that must indicate from whence a profile came: Either an uncreative/uninteresting person, or the site itself.

I think we've all realized that those "people" that automatically give out a private e-mail address and ask for you to contact them directly in their first reply are fake. I don't really have a problem with those profiles so much, simply because I figure it is like a stupidity fee for using the site with less than average intelligence. Anyone who thinks that this person, whose reply doesn't match what they wrote at all and who is replying over the site to tell them that they can't reply over the site, is just doling out their private e-mail address willy nilly to everyone that messages them or, even better, they might even think that they're special, deserves whatever personal crisis are garnered by their idiocy.

After that, I've been trying to find commonalities in the profiles that I've found to be false. The unfortunate part of this is that I've actually spoken with some of the people who have taken virtually every suggestion that hotmatch gives for writing your profile and copied it verbatim, one after another, into their own profile. While some of these may be fake, some are definitely real and, yes, the people who write them REALLY are that uninteresting. This simply means that a total lack of creativity, unfortunately, is not indicative of falseness. So, after that; what are the common elements that comprise a bullshit profile?

I've come up with a few.

1. All profiles that use chat speak (i.e. LOL, LMFAO, etc.)

2. I think also the ones that are asking for only sex BECAUSE they just got out of a long-term relationship and aren't ready for commitment.

3. Any profile that uses the phrase "get down and dirty"

4. Obviously the profiles that you've seen before but with a different handle and a different picture

5. All profiles saying that either a.) you won't regret contacting them, or b.) they'll send you away satisfied/with a smile

6. Profiles that say things as contrite as "I love lots of sex and deep penetration." Could one honestly imagine a profile on here that says that they want sex twice a year from a cock that really only tickles them?

After this, my thought well on the commonalities kind of runs dry. I'd love suggestions for further criteria from you guys, though. Luckily, bots don't read blogs and won't update the formats of their bullshit profiles accordingly. Of course, the thought occurs to me that this site is primarily a large identity theft device and those that run it are really the one's generating all of the profiles that will ask you to contact them directly on their first response, which would account for the fact that they never remove those profiles when you report them.

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