Kind of funny....  

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3/6/2006 3:12 pm

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Kind of funny....

I run into a lof of profiles on here as I browse through, that speak of all the men that send them a cock picture with a one-line message and, I'll admit, I find it kind of funny. I've been pushing back against male stereotypes for a long time, especially considering my age, and I'm beginning to lose hope, thinking that rather I should be simply differentiating myself from other men and leaving the stereotypes alone. Unfortunately, they seem to be largely correct. This is an unfortunate sampling to take that kind of opinion from, perhaps, but also perhaps not. How different is this site from the meat market one finds at a bar. Some people go there looking to meet someone nice that they might grow stronger bonds with. Some people go there to get laid. Others just go there to sit back and observe. The more predatorial types go there for one conquest or another. And all of those types are resident in this community, as well, with one huge difference: They think they can get away with a lot more without fear of reprisal.

This may be true, but ask yourself something, if we are picking people up somewhat like we would in a bar, how is it that people think they can get away with sending cock pics and saying "let's fuck"? If someone whipped out their cock and said that in a bar, they would not only not get a date, but would probably get arrested and be a registered sex-offender afterwards. On that same token, though, neither would a woman who has begun the "do we want to sleep together" interview with someone in a bar get away with saying, "I require that you show me your cock before I make a final decision." or "Get naked and model for me before I decide to take you home." It swings both ways, I suppose. Still, I find the comparison of a man in a bar pulling out his cock and saying something as intellectually devoid and presumptuous as "let's fuck" much more apt to this site.

It's funny and it's sad that so many men are delusional enough to think that, excluding substance, intellect, charm, etc. can be made up for by something as unattractive (let's face facts) as their cock. It is a result of a drastic misperception about the site. Sure, it is full of people that want to get laid. That's the point. But nobody wants to have sex with someone that can't even be creative with their words and approach, and who can rather easily be pictured, after their first approach, hunched over in a corner, jerking off with a fist full of lubriderm, with their mouth half-open, eyes-rolled back in their head, and drooling down their unshorn chin.

Of course, the type of man who would approach a woman with his cock out and a REALLY bad one-liner would also probably pull his cock out as a pre-cursor to a woman's decision or do nude modeling if likewise asked as a requirement for a woman's final decision. Perhaps you have found a way to finally connect and be equally socially inept. Of course, calling people that do these things socially inept may just be a drastic understatement. These kind fo men are also the kind that will jump at the BOTs on this site who e-mail them asking for them to send private e-mail addresses and wanting to know chat names and, if they are, they deserve to have their computers destroyed and identity stolen in some respect for being stupid enough to jump at it, as though some woman was actually impressed by their incredible lack of wit and is really dying to fuck the random naked guy that sent them a picture and a bad line.


RedheadedMedStd 35F

3/28/2006 9:46 pm

Ok first off the word you were looking for was misconception, not misperception.

Secondly the mental image of some guy wacking off in the corner with some Lubriderm and drooling.... OMFG! That was too funny!

I tend to disagree on the whole concept of girls getting turned down just for wanting to see what they would be getting. So is it that bad that I wanna see what I would be getting before I put in the time? I kinda think of it like if it doesn't fit right go get a different one.

Some would say that you prolly say that cause you gotta

I'm teasing, don't get mad.

revelinthedance replies on 3/29/2006 12:26 pm:
Actually, I wasn't looking for any word. I type all of my entries and responses in a stream of consciousness style, seldom pausing to revise, correct, reword, etc. My errors are my own, and I have no problem with that. In the case of my word choice, misperception and misconception, varying so little in their actual definition, are both appropriate words. Misperception = erroneous perception, a perception based on error. Misconception = an incorrect conception. Both are perfectly suitable for the portion of my entry that you called into question.

Happy you liked the imagery.

It is certainly reasonable to want to see the merchandise before purchasing it, but would you think it perfectly acceptable if a guy you were "interviewing" at a bar said, "Okay, before we go any further, let me see your pussy and tits."? If you would be fine with it, I see no problem with you extending the same behavior to the interviewee. In my case, personality prohibits me from jumping through hoops just because some woman, who I may or may not want to sleep with, tells me to. To each their own.

Some would probably indeed question the size of because of my comment. Touche. To all those I say, you show me yours, and I'll show you mine. Question all you wish. Many people get insultingly defensive when one questions their simply accepted modus operandi. This is not to suggest that is what spurred your comment. Again, it's not the action, it's the demand for it that bothers me. Eh. Not that important, I suppose.

Finally, you'll find that I'm extremely hard to offend. I response in the ways that I generally do simply for the sake of argument. No offense taken, darlin'.

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