All things being equal...  

revelinthedance 36M
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2/2/2006 6:28 pm

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3/29/2006 12:33 pm

All things being equal...

First of all; are all things equal? I just don't know. Judging by the willingness of people to actaully follow through on their words, I don't think so. Am I really that much more insatiable than everyone else out there? I used to think so. Then, I get all of these messages from people who want to meet me VERY soon and start thinking I'm in like-minded company. Then, I try to meet them and, all of the sudden, I think I'm the only one again. So, is it just the impersonal nature of the society we live in that makes it so difficult for people to break beyond the wall of your computer screen? People can bank online, pay bills, buy houses, cars, get dates, get insurance, manage investments, go to church, and now it seems that we've stepped so far from actaul reality that people seem to think they can even get laid through the computer screen. Don't get me wrong; I love a great mind fuck perhaps more than anyone, but it's only satisfying if you can ACTUALLY interact with the mind you're fucking. I also love just getting together with people you are friends with, or people you hook up with on nights out, but there are certain boundaries that one does not cross with people you've just met or with friends with which you might permanently effect the relationship. So, that being said, why can't people who come here to do those things that might be a little risque actaully back up what they say. Is it the nature of fantasy, itself? As long as you maintain the minimum safe distance allowed by the computer screen, everything can be perfect as you masturbate in your own little world, lit by the eery glow of your pc, and, in effect, prevent anything from happening. I LOVE SEX! I LOVE EXPERIMENTATION! I LOVE VOYERISM/EXIBITIONISM! I LOVE GROUP PLAY! I LOVE ONE-ON-ONE! And near as I can tell, everyone else loves to talk about all of these things, but can't let this be known in any but the soft glow of the machine through which they seem to run their entire lives at this point. We can do everything, including fantasize, through the computer anymore; but that isn't actaully true. We can't experiment. We can't meet. We can't expand our sexual horizons. So many things require actaul human interaction, yet we seem to be avoiding them. And perhaps that is where the nature of fantasy comes in.... As long as it is long as it is's safe and perfect. How dare we ever want to take a step towards realizing our fantasies? They might just not turn out to be what we immagined. I've got some news for everyone... NO FANTASY CAN BE REALIZED! That is the nature of fantasy. Even if one did get uncomfortably close to achieving a fantasy, they would just alter the fantasy a little more towards the unattainable, because the mind requires an ideal, and no ideal is ever realistic. We have to have that thing to dangle in front of ourselves and say it's perfection, because we have to think that somehting of that nature exists, but getting there would simply negate the perfection. So, forget the fantasy. Focus on what can be for a moment, and let's have a great time proving that the fantasy is just an ideal, striving in tangles of sweaty limbs and piles of discarded clothing to achieve that which we cannot, but loving every minute of the struggle. Strive with me, now, and the search, not the ethereal mechanations of our minds while confined in poorly lit rooms with machines, will become that for which we quest. The path is the greatest discovery we can make, so strive with me.

RedheadedMedStd 35F

3/28/2006 9:13 pm

That almost sounds like a mission statement, is that what you were going for? Tough, it's good...

revelinthedance replies on 3/29/2006 12:32 pm:
Not quite what I had in mind when I wrote it, but it could certainly function as one. Funny how that stuff comes out when you're not really thinking about it.

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