rev354 47M
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3/22/2006 9:57 am

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the comments that were posted, im thrilled someone actually took a peak. Today i discuss my guilt which go hand in hand with my addiction to AdultFriendFinder. As a relatively happy married man i offen struggle with the fact that im trying to get laid outside of my marriage. The struggle has often left me with feelings of guilt, and remorse. If you have read my previous comments you are well aware that i have yet to get laid. I was taught that i am to be judged on my actions and not my intentions; nontheless i have tried to take the action of getting laid through this site. I can not tell a lie, i have had responses but i dont seem to have the the sexual lingo to get any further than a response. Maybe the illusion of getting laid is all i need. I was surprised to get a response from a sweet, gorgeous and amazing woman yesterday who was as she stated "down if i was". Now, the struggle within begins to take hold and i start to question my actions and my intentions. Though i have not acted on this reply, and most likely i wont, i will just have to live with my intentions and say fuck it. Its only human to want what we cant have.

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