more of the same  

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4/5/2006 10:58 pm

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more of the same

signed on today and found the following:

0 new messages
1 new wink
1 new match
23 people have viewed my file
0 invitations to join networks

new ladies who have viewed my profile are at least in this country. my hot list is down to 35 as many people have blocked me as a result of my adding them to my list. i do not understand this as i will not try to contact them if they do not respond positively to my adding them. why do they feel they must block me.

i like the new voting system in the magazine...much faster now. questions are starting to repeat over and over again...size questions...stupid questions to garner attention and points....still do not understand the point system. don't really care to either.

i have noticed a lot of new members who are quite beautiful with great pictures...are these some of the bots i have been reading about in the magazine...there to look good and lure you to another pay site. i have decided to avoid these most of the time...christ even the bots refuse to respond to my winks.

several visitors have added comments and where i felt it necessary i have responded to either clarify this experiment or to respond to suggestions. i have even gone so far as to alter my profile based on suggestions great rush of interest in me as a result.

i continue to send my quota of interest drummed up as result...i feel this is a worthless feature that just adds to frustration because of 0 responses.

thank you to all visitors and commenters. stay tuned...perhaps the spring will bring successes.

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