feb. 15  

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2/15/2006 10:01 am

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feb. 15

signed on today and found the following:

0 winks
0 network invitations
0 messages.
1 new visitor to my profile
5 visitors to my blog. thank you for coming.

under new matches there wre 3 new people. upon checking my hotlist i found that 6 ladies had either been dropped by the site or had blocked me for adding them in the past. i did a quick browse of 300 profiles and added 12 new members to my hot list bringing it to 63.

today i was able to send winks so i put out all 10 allowed per day.

i visited the magazine section and voted on 15 items and added comments to 4.

while reading the magazine section i saw many with the same concern/question..is it worth it to upgrade. this got me to thinking. should the site add features to the standard membership and charge a small fee or should they reduce the cost of the silver and gold membership. i believe that there are many standard members who are here free of charge, there must be something here they like. if the site manager has so many interested, potential paying customers, is he/she missing an opportunity to cash in....i wonder.

to those who visited my blog...thank you for the company i was feeling like i was all alone...misery likes company. and please return or as they say in tv land ...."stay tuned".

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