Houseboy Explained  

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2/25/2005 4:31 pm

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Houseboy Explained

Ok, here's me rambling about me, and us, FWIW.

My wife and I have been married several years, and she and I have radically different ideas about using a Houseboy. So - about her first. She's intelligent as hell, but naturally dom only in the arena of academics. Otherwise she's a massive cuddle slut and a total novice in the scene. She's also pretty high maintenance because she stresses at work and school, so she's always in pain. Our boy's main duty to her would be pamper, pamper, pamper. I want serious groveling toward this woman - rub the shoulders, rub the feet, frequent backrubs/massage. Draw her a bath - you're her gallent attendant. When serving her I need someone who can think without being told what to do. Whatever you can imagine to make her life a better place - do it. DON'T make her work for it.

I'm just about the exact opposite. I've been in the scene since I was sixteen, and there's not a role I haven't played, including live in 24/7 slave. I've also kept a stable before, though I've been semi-retired for a while now. What I want from a boy is diverse. First - and last really - is attitude. I don't mind training someone new. In fact I prefer it. What I don't want is someone who wants to test me. Discovery is fine but right now I'm looking for an *absolute* submissive, someone who thinks about the lifestyle 24/7 and is defined by that. Someone who NEEDS to serve. What you do is secondary to the fact you have an opportunity to do it.

I'm the enforcer, obviously. Duties will include - domestic, everything from cooking to walking the dog to cleaning the litterbox. I enjoy scenes and when I play I tend to play rough. I enjoy marking my slaves so that I can see stripes days later. I rarely allow my slaves to cum. however, there will be times when either my wife or I just need to seriously be fucked and we'll use you for this.

Why are we doing this? Because life is too short to live vanilla. Why the hell live in a mundane world if you're kinky? And that's the bottom line. We're not going to clothe you or feed you or pay your bills. All that's up to you. What we're offering is a chance to make a fantasy into reality.

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