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To My Wonderful Wonderful Master

I had to write a story to You and I had no story to tell so I rememberd the story of the dominate imposter and wrote just for You

I love You so much

This is an old story as I haven't been laid for a while I thought I would let You know what happend to me before I met a real dominate, when I was trying so hard to get my submissive cherry popped.

His name was Jay and he lives in Washington. I don't call him Master or Sir because as my title suggests he was an imposter dominate. He called me from the quest line and said said said he was dominate. But in reality he was sub. I believe a switch is a sub imitating a dominate... And I KNOW that is what he was but I didn't know my ass from a hole in the ground as at this point I had never ever even seen a dominate let alone submit to one but I was very concerned that I change that and submit to someone anyone!

He was older maybe 57 maybe possibly older than that. I am not interested in making him look or sound good, sorry guys. He came to get me as I was in Washington state without a car. We drove and talked for aboout a half an hour till we got to his home.

When we walked through the door I was to fall to my knees and kiss his feet. I was some what disapointed that he told me to do this because I was so grateful to have this experience, so I thought, that I planned on doing just that and even more. When we walked through the side door I did as required falling to my knees and lovingly and obediently kissing his, what I thought were his wonderful feet.

From there and after he blessed me for my obedience he made me to crawl to the kitchen where he had a towel with a pan on it for me should I ask to use the toilet. He said I was not worthy to use a toilet and he said this in a bark and demanding voice wich I felt was not necessary. I ascented to his command should I need the use of the toilet. He told me to stand and bend over the back of the couch with my ass protruding out and my skin tight jeans the only thing between the palm of his hand and my white white ass. He took and smacked me once and then twice and then a third time. It stung and I wished I hadn't come to his home after all. Perhaps I was not a sub after all. Doesn't sub want pain? Then I found myself tingling between my legs. All at once he used one hand to rub my ass through my jeans and the other to rub my pussy. Immeadiatly I came and my crotch was soaked through. Perhaps I am a sub!

This seemed to scare him and said, " do not have an oraszm!" but as he knew it was far too late for a command such as that. He as I said was very upset even scared so I thought. Perhaps he was not dominate after all.

He required me to strip from my crotch soaked jeans leaving me with only my white panties and white bra which exposed most of breast to him. I was becoming quite stimulated but I noticed that he was not arroused by any means and I began to question his dominance. Doesn't the submission of a sub... stimutlate the dominant?

He suddenly got on the quest line and found what he said was a friend that was a domme. I do not have apreciation for women who dominate men and especially me. But I was grateful to have this submissive experience and so I did not express any of my aprehensive feelings.

When she arrieved I was to fall to my knees once again and refer to her as Mistress. I with great gratitude did all that was required of me and I wondered now if this is what Master Bernie would require of me as well on the day I returned to Florida and was dominated by this wonderful Dom of mine. He was claiming as his and I loved him with all my heart. Then when I called her Maam and looked into her eyes, she looked away in embarrasement and I knew she was not domme by any means.

My disapointment was easy to hide I am after a whore and play act all the time. Later I would pull him aside and tell him that she was definatley not a domme. To this he would say, "she doesn't feel well today." He himself never did get arroused by inocent submissve self and all that I did to please him and her as well.

They began to use drugs which I knew would only divide his attention from the experience that was to initate me into the world of domination and submission and my disapointment I would have to hide again.

The command came to go to the bathroom and redress in garter and stockings again I found a little hope that he had not forgot to remember me and the promise he made that I would be dominated tonight. He reminded me not to use the toilet.

In the rest room I rebelliously used the toilet as I was not interested in using a pot in the middle of the room in front of god and every one. I was careful not to put the paper I used to wipe in the toilet and in this way I didn't have to flush and give myself and my rebellious deed away.

I struggled with the silk stockings and the garter and my shame for being over weight and that I had to submit and reveal my body to him and most especially in front of her as she was young and thin and made up much nicer than I. But eventually I could not get them to hook up and came out in my white garter belt and silk stocking and my awkward 4" gold pumps. I felt clumsy but there I was.

He had nipple clamps and told me to put them on. They had weights on them and I begrudginly complied as all of his attention was on the drugs he had and there seemed to be no interest in me whatso ever and no no no interst in my naked submitted body. I was feeling less and less submissive and getting quite angry.

Any one who reads this blog knows that I easily arroused but to be honest my pussy was quite dry and my mind was wishing I was at home with Mr Master Bernie on the email or the Yahoo IM. I just knew that he would Never treat any sub much less me in this way. I knew in my heart, at least I hoped that when I was him that I would not not not be so bored and disapointed. I sat with the weighted nipple clamps hanging from my breast dreaming of Mr Master Bernie and so very disapointed for my slef and in this imposter dominate and his supposed domme friend.

The evening progressed and they were more and more stoned. I knew that this woman was a hooker as I was myself. I was making lemonaid out of lemons and being the whore that I am hiding my disapointment from the both. They decided we would play truth or dare and my true abuse was in progress. One question after then next came out of their mouth always with a dare for me to accomplish. It was quite boring and soon I had done everything under the sun for them and confessed all that they required of me.

One of the dares was for me to dance for them and as I am a trained dancer I complied immeadiatly and thought of my self and how that one day I might dance for Mr Master Bernie, whom I kmew would watch and be erect wanting me perhaps even stopping me to fuck me hard and long. But not these two clowns they smoked their dope and doded on each other giving me an uninterested glance from time to time.

At no time a command come from this 'domme' to me. In fact when she wanted or needed something she did it for her self. Even it was more convient for me to do it. She was constantly appologizing for any humiliation that I might be suffering and it took all I had in acting skills to hide my disapointment and even anger. Finally I got to truth or dare and it was here that I ask of for the truth. I KNEW she was a hooker and I knew she was only there to do his drugs... So I asked "Is Jay in anyway compensating you for being here?" knowing the answer she lied.

Then it was time to go to the bed room and fuck. I was not not not looking forward to this and worried that I should have to lick her pussy something I am not inclinde to do at any time in any situation.

In the bedroom, they continued to smoke their dope and fool around with each other while I was under a command to play with myself. I really tried guys. I mean I really tried. Normally I can get off with in seconds but I could not even get wet and now I was frustrated and getting quite irritated with the whle fake situation and these obiously drug addicted people.

Finally it was time to go home. He left her at his house and took me home. I was never so happy to get back to my mothers house and to my computer where I could gaze upon Mr Masters handsome photo and finally get the orgazm that I couldn't achieve in their presence.

I never did write about this experience at the time though Mr Master had me under a command to tell him every single detail. I was just too disapointed in my first domination experience. It was supposed to initate me into my new life and all it had done was piss me off.

Later the imposter as I named him called me and complained that I was too fat. I wept and wept to Mr Master in the morning. I had sent him over 30 photos very candid photos, which by the way I can and will send to you all if you only ask me, he knew exactly what I looked like before I met him. Mr Master in his wonderful way made me feel soooo much better and I loved him all the more. He promised me that what I had endured would in no way resemble what I experienced that night.

the end

rm_cdb0422003 60M
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4/19/2006 5:35 pm

What a sad story. It could have been a wonderful experience only to be ruined by drugs and borish people. I have read a few of your blogs and you have intrigued my mind and taken me to new heights

reneeholiday2000 60F

4/20/2006 4:53 am

Yes, it was very upsetting for me as it was my initiation into D/s. But I have gone on to have a few better experiences since them and many other weird to not good at all experiences. I was going to stop putting D/s in this AdultFriendFinder site as it seems no no no one reads them. Do you think I should include them in these blogs or not.
Thank You for reading my blog. I have another one somewhere else if you want to know about it let me know.

rm_cdb0422003 60M
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4/20/2006 6:30 pm

I think you should include them in your blog, your blog is really enjoyable to read. Where is your other one. Do you write this well there? Do you travel a lot?

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