Splish Splash We Took A Bath In My Cum  

reneeholiday2000 60F
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4/8/2006 12:59 pm
Splish Splash We Took A Bath In My Cum


I went on another date today; I know I am to tell you every detail so I wasted no time in sitting down and recording it. I so want to please you.

It was about noon when he called and set an appointment with me. I had about an hour to bathe and prepare for him. I had been with him before. I knew you would have some good reading material. I was very excited about going with him because I had been so aroused all day.

I had been on the chat line where I met a Washington Dom. It is hard to ask for money for an experience that I want so bad, but I did and he agreed. Every time he tried to explain what would be required of me I exploded inside with delight and orgasmic juices. I was only wishing it was you on the line with me. I wish it would be you that pops this silly submissive cherry of mine. I said all that to say by the time my date arrived, I was out of my mind with anticipation!

Again I put on my white garter belt and stockings and my cheap little hooker suit with the fake leopard collar and my gold 4” heals. I then walked down to the stop sign, where I stood waiting just like a real whore. My panties were wet with all the masturbating and orgazming I had done in my bedroom while I was talking to the Washington Dom and messaging you.

When he arrived, I got into his car. We drove with some small talk about when I might be leaving and how that he wanted to record our sex on video, which is always fine with me. I love to be photographed. We had to go to the expensive hotel just around the corner because he was in a hurry.

When we got to the room I undressed down to the garter belt and stockings and lay on the bed with my legs spread and of course like always my hand between my legs lightly scratching my clit. He set up his camera and with out my waiting for instructions I began to pull my panties crotch away and crammed my fingers in to my cunt. I juiced up with cum before a few seconds and the sound of it all caught his attention.

He was about most the way undressed and fumbling around with the video camera. He filmed so many things I hope I remember them all because you are requiring every detail. I did ask for a copy and soon will have one for you examine.

He took the camera and filmed me from several different positions then he mounted me so that my arms were pinned down by his thighs and his dick was in my face. His penis was average and very hard. I could not use my hands for as you know they were pinned to my side. I began to run my tongue up and down the shaft of his dick, stopping to lick like it was a Popsicle. I spent as much time as I could kissing the head of it and running my tongue around the head. I tried very hard to deep throat him and I did pretty good considering but I know you are much bigger than he was and it wont be as easy for me to deep throat you when my day comes. The whole time he was putting me on film with no effort to hide my face or my eyes which were probably closed with delight. Did I tell you or can you tell that I love to suck cock. I hope that I can please you with my skill and that you won’t have to correct me when it is our turn.

Now he has both of legs between my legs. My legs are spread as far apart as he can get them. He still has the camera in hand and he striking my clit with his penis. He did that last time and the results were the same. No one had ever done that to me before him. Cum spat all over the place and I was having a hard time remaining still. He went on and on slapping my clit with his very hard penis and every thing every where was being drenched with my cum. You could hear the splashing sound the more he struck me the more splashing sounds and liquid there was.

Now I think it was all he could take because he put the camera in a handy spot and made his way to me throwing my legs up to his shoulders and grinding away every so often he would stop and resituate the camera so that he should have very many photos of my pussy and my ass hole and then as if he didn't have enough photos he wisked me to my tummy and fucked me hard with his balls slapping up against my clit.

That is one of the things I like about doggy style fucking when your balls slap up against my clit.

He plunged forward when it was time for him cum and I got the next great reward that I get out of sex with men, I felt his hairy body against my face and I smelled his special scent, I wrapped my arms around his back and felt with my shaking hands his biceps while he sort of got lost in the moment.

We didn’t talk much after that. He took a shower and dressed himself. I, as I always do, did not shower so that I could smell the scent of what we had done for hours to come. I guess he has a wife and has to be careful about those things. He paid me and let me out at the corner. Here in Washington the temperature is a bit cooler and so as my ass and crotch were still drenched with cum I felt chilled as I walked home in my cheap hooker suit with the fake leopard collar and the gold 4” heals.

When I got in my room I looked for a message from you but there was only your photo on my monitor. As always I removed my pants and with my white garter and stockings I lay on my back with both eyes on you, and offered myself up to the day I can be yours.


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