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Dear Lord

I have attempted to capture only the essence of my time with You the other day. As a writer I reserve the right to remember and record my experience the way in which I choose. Though i may not be the way in which You remember things. I did use the spell check though I doubt I fixed every mistake. This includes most especally my punctuation errors.

I beg of You as I have not given away Your identity and because my readers expect me to share and would be delighted for me and all that I experienced to come to their lustful attention, please let me publish my story as I have with all the others in the past.

I will return to You

I was so nervous that my body was warm and in places perspiration clung to my skin, most especially between my legs. Later I would discover the warm slimy moisture had lubed my pussy readying me for the moments to come.

He asked me if it was too hot in the room and would I like to turn the air-contitioner to a more comfortable temperature. During the inspection I would have to remind him again and again that it was my nerves of anxiety that were causing me to apear so hot and that the room itself was adiquate in temperature. In deed though I found myself wiping my brow and exclaiming, "I am so hot."

He touched me hear and there beginning with my arms and the back of my neck... Moving downward he examined my breast and gave close attention to my birth mark there, which I will not tell you about as it is reserved only for those whom I spend my time with, as easy as it is to gain that time with me.

When he came to my pussy he made an exclamation in his calm and controlled voice to the effect that I was quite stimulated and was due to being examined by my Lord. I did not realize how much my pussy had given me away until later when I my self touched the area and felt the natural lubrication that went from my pussy almost to my knees. I became so much more excited. In my nervous state I hadn't realized how much I was affected by his touch and thought of his being there to take me. At no time was I to spread my legs or bend over to be examined in those secret spots though he did find a gentle way to consider them.

All the while and even while his hands were down on my belly, which needs to be trimmed down he made exclamations of approval. Letting me know that he found my desirable. I could not help but smile. My hands began behind my back as I advised to do by a submissive friend of mine, which I so thankful to have but, to this he told me that I need not stand with your hands behind your back. Immediately I released my hands and let them dangle at my side. My fears and anxiety moved them to the front of me and wringing my hands against one another I stood silently gazing at his face. His eyes met mine, I quickly glanced away remembering that I am not to look into his eyes. I thought I am incurring unfavorable points here. This time he told me to stop wringing my hands and immediaty my hands went behind my back. Then remembering the command not to do that I let them dangle at my side which was very unbecoming and uncomfortable to me and I place them back in my front and began to wring them again. It seemed that I would not be able to comply successfully with his wishes on this.

My eyes were welling up with tears and did not know why. I don't think he noticed this but this happened several times during this examination. The final command came: I was to remove the black lace teddy I was wearing. I am not permitted to say no, as I would have like to do since I am very much overweight in my own estimation yet off it came and the examination continued to my now naked body.

This completed my examination. I was deemed presentable. He found me desirable. Inside I giggled like a little girl and my smile was I am sure quite noticeable. Now what would become of me?

I asked him, "May I do something I want to do now?" and it was permitted if and only if I told him first what it was. "I want to hug You." I was permitted. I fell into his arms and embraced him just as I had wished I could do in the days before. He is a bit of a bear of a man and by that I do not mean larger than what his frame calls for just that he is all that his frame was designed for and loaded with muscles. I secretly hoped that he had a hairy chest. I will never know why men desire to have no hair on that blessed spot.

I hugged him until it seemed that he was done with this action but moments later I was in his arms again and then later once again. He began to undress as I looked away believing I was in compliance with his command not to look in his eyes when we were alone together. He corrected this telling me that I might want to watch him as he undressed himself as there was a way to do this task and I would want to know it. Immediately my eyes moved to observe this my first lesson and directive for the future. I was wondering...

Would I be inspected each and every time we met alone? Why had all the other dominates not initiated our sessions in this way? All the while watching him disrobe. When he came to his socks and pants it was given to me to do this for him. I felt at such a loss when I came to his dark slacks as I could not see the devices that held them up without my glasses and I required his assistance to my own disappointment.

Now he was as naked as I. He let himself down on the bed and I quickly and without a command found my way beside him. In all this time my eyes would meet his and then quickly move away from their brilliant blue stare. I hoped that this was not incurring punishment or disappointment. I do like to be spanked and disciplined but just now I wanted to please him more than anything.

Though I haven't been with many dominates, I was trained that there was to be no no no initiation on my part. That my dom whom ever he was would inform me of his desired positions and actions for me. Therefor I did nothing more than to stay tucked under his arm with my own arm across his chest, his hairy chest. My eyes were safely upon this wonderful specimen, plantation of hairs. Don't ask me why I am so attracted to this but attracted and excited by it I am.

We lay there for such a long time in this position that I though to myself, I must be doing something wrong! Finally I spoke something I had never done in any other session informing him that I had been taught that I am not to initiate in any manner during the session. He reminded me that he was not the other dominates that I knew nor was he at all like them. I may, whenever he was naked, initiate what ever I like. My hands immediately went for his chest and remained feeling the stiff hairs there. I felt along his arm and the hair on his arms until I found my way to his lower region. Again I asked... "I may initiate any thing I want?" and the answer had not changed. I may.

My hand made its way to his cock and to the hairs there as well. Why do I like the hairs of a mans? I concluded my father must have been a hairy man. I know in several ways, that I cannot mention here, they are much alike but then as he had informed me on more than one occasion he was like no other man/dom I knew. I concluded; what ever the reason, I was blessed to have him here in my bed, with me. I might mention to you all, if you are reading this story, you too should feel the blessing is upon you that is upon me. You all are thus blessed because if I share this experience in word and on paper with you as I am today he has granted that I may do so, as he is a private man and I have been forbidden to share what happens here in my bedroom, alone with him, with any one at all.

My hand found its way to his lower region and all that was there for me today. I tickled him there with my manicured nail and fondled him gently first at the head of his cock then down the shaft of it and back up again. I did this with my eyes upon his face and yes his eyes which were closed. This brought me great delight, that is seeing him lost in delight and expectation. I used my fingers and my nails to squeeze his testicles to tug at them and to examine them.

Isn't that funny when I removed his slacks and then his underwear I much like he did with me and without his knowledge or consent inspected him as well? (My inspection was not complete but as things grew to a climax I concluded that I approved of all that was soon to be mine. Not just for today but for many more episodes to come.)

Then with ut warning he opened his eyes and caught me doing the very and one of the only directives I had been given not to do, looking into his eyes. I quickly changed my view to exclusively contain his excellent cock that he was giving to me. Once again and for the last time I asked, "I may initiate anything I want?" You know the answer already...

I positioned my body upon my knees and by his side. Beginning to collect spittle in my mouth I moved in on his cock and remembered as slick as I thought I was... I was still under examination and why should I fail after making the grade so far? Passionately I began to hold him across the belly with one arm and around his leg with the other and plunged into my task at hand sure that I would pass this aspect of the examination as well, or would I?

I licked and kissed the head filling my mouth and then my throat, back up the head and down again. I don't know if this is the way he will remember it but for all of you this is what I remembered doing to him, my Lord. My tongue licked up and down and back up again. My head bobbed and there were slurping and guttural sounds emitting from my throat as I managed to take all that I could as deep as I could into my throat.

His hands were caressing me first hear and then there. There seemed to be no end to parts of my body that pleased and stimulated him. He touched my belly, which is awful if you ask me. He caressed my ass and my thighs and eventually found his way between my legs. My response to his touches was to raise my body and to spread my legs at the knees as far as I could inviting him to touch me in my most secret spot. He did not. He continued with sensitive and passionate caresses to my body every where but there where I was so wet and desired so much to be touched. Determined to entice him to touch me down there and in keeping with the command given to me by Master Bernie I did not insist with words or by action that he enter me with his fingers. I felt sure that this was proper not to do as he couldn't' mean for me to initiate even to that degree.

So I sucked harder and more fervently with more and more determination. Knowing that if he were pleased with me he would seek all the more to please me as well. Then the moment came and his finger found my wet sloshy hole and entered it. His fingers searched around in there until he found the secret spot and I moaned falling forward off my bent and spread knees. My grip was solid around his waist and legs, I sucked harder and more passionately moving down to his balls where he had informed on the meeting before were his special delight and that I was not to neglect them by any means. I sucked and sucked and licked them including his cock for time to time. I pressed my face and tongue into his balls and slurped and gurgled my spittle all over the area. His fingers continued to enter in and then come out and enter in again. My pussy welled up in response to his gentle touch.

He is not like any man that I have been with but then I said that before. His touch is not wild and forceful as in the stories I have written to you all before. But but but it was effective and out from between my soaking legs came the eruption that I live to feel. Again and again. I would like to tell you all what I was doing but I really have no idea. I hope I continued to suck and lick on his cock and balls. What I do remember is coming to and embracing his lower half my face no longer in his crotch but laying across his belly with my arms holding him and my fingers grabbing at his body hair.

I was done and in my hooker fashion, I stopped all intercourse and tucked myself under his arm again for a time. Touching and kissing and smelling his chest: The chest that one day might be forever mine!

Now it was time to complete the blessed act of fucking. To my surprise but not to my disappointment we did not fuck as I am so accustomed to doing and as you all know love so much. I love the pounding and sound of his, whom ever that might be, skin breaking against mine. I even love my moans though they embarrassed me and drive my neighbor to distraction but ha ha ha I am fulfilled daily and to my knowledge face lift in all she does not attract the suitor that I do.

I was running my finger through his hair. I was free free free to mount him as he continued to lie on his back kissing his chest and loving his hairs moving my body up into position and kissing on his neck ever so lightly breathing into his ear. He reached down between us and maneuvered his excellent cock to match to my hole. He entered me none to soon and we were not fucking but making sweet passionate love to one another.

My moans were pleasing him and his eyes were closed. I took the opportunity to look at his face and his eyes until he opened them catching me gazing into them. As before I quickly glanced away and wondered if I had all these times failing to obey his one command, earned disciplinary action. Which as in the past came at the end of a good fuck? This thought brought me to an even higher height and I considered that I must tell him how much I enjoy a spanking and how that my pussy responds in eruptions of orgasms spurting out and soaking the whip or hand that has taken authority over me.

Ever so slowly he move upon me in and then out again and I moaned in satisfaction again and again. Now he is telling me to reposition my body so that I am no longer straddling him but on my knees where he mounted me again and completed the act, the accomplished act of making love to me.

When we were done I tucked myself under his arm my hands again could not resist the hairs on his chest. We lay side by side for a moment until he commanded that I procure a washcloth to cleans the juice of joy that covered his lower half. I complied by doing just that with a tepid but warm cloth. Wiping the head of his cock and then the shaft. Every where did I cleans him kissing the head of his cock with my lips and with gratitude. Stunned still by lack of violent fucking the fucking you all have read about in other stories.

I wish I could tell you all that we lay and talked with my asking over and over again "am I pleasing to You|?" But just then the front door opened and Tom entered the apartment. He and I dressed quickly so as not to have any confrontation in the nude. Still I was required to watch him dress as soon it would be upon me to both dress and undress my Lord, the excellent maker of love to me. When he came to hi socks it was my task. I with great relish and gratitude kissed his feet and looked him momentarily looked into his eyes hoping to find approval and the affection reciprocated. I saw something but had no clue what it meant.

Tom threw a fit while we left he apartment and my time with my Lord was cut short. But not my adoration for him
the end and Lord...

I will return to You

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This is wierd.

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