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10/29/2005 6:22 am

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Foodstuffs and entertainment

I was going to subject myself to the horror what is saturday morning cartoons nowadays. The major network stuff is pretty atrocious, and cartoon network and nick are only sometimes watchable (I am becoming a fan of Avatar, tho). But I have no choco-nodules. The ritual of saturday cartoons and choco-nodules is rooted deep in my psyche, but I am afraid to go buy more of the tasty store brand ones, having noticed that the first ingredient was 'sugar'. No fooling around, just sugar, cocoa, and some flour to hold it together. And some corn syrup, because we all know it aint sweet enough. Beautiful, but it makes my poor pancreas panic.

I still search for the true 'chocolate frosted sugar bombs'. Choco-nodules coem close, but they are not frosted, being chocolatey through and through. Some days I contemplate a bowl of milk duds with some milk on them. Then the fever abates and I can sink into dark, formless sleep once more.

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