One of these days  

regalus89 39M/39F
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5/24/2006 12:25 am
One of these days

You know one of these days somewhere between the mountains of paperwork, and other assignments usually associated with the pursuit of higher education, I will remember that I have this blog thing here. I guess I could go about explaining why there are so little messages and such delays in responses from us. Its fairly simple. We are both full time students, So between class, assignments, research projects, and the "occasional" essay, (for those that don't speak sarcasm, you are excused) the thought of writing in the blog seems to get lost there somewhere between sleep, and crawling to class wondering why in the hell am I doing this...AGAIN... So there ya have it.
Now that finals are over, and we sit about with little to do but ourselves, and now recently a very close friend. The blog may actually see more action. At least this summer so far is proving to be interesting. Anyways am out for the now.. *poofs back into the aether*

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