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3/16/2006 3:32 pm

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Hey everyone,

I rented a movie this weekend, "Walk the Line." First of all I have to say that the performance was incredible. Second, even though as a general rule I don't like country. I have a new found respect for Johnny Cash. I purchased the "America IV: The Man Comes Around" CD today. It's HAUNTING. That's the only way I can think to describe it. Almost everyone has heard the cover of Trent Reznors "Hurt", which was nominated for an Emmy. I personally think that the best song on the disk is "Bridge Over Troubled Water" originally written by Simon and Garfunkle. His deep bass voice renders a feeling of anguish to that song that "feels" right.
Being a musician I have to say that there's something strangely powerfull in really good music, I don't care what genre or style it is, when music is done right it's the most powerfull thing on earth. I really wish that in my compositions I could exude that power. It seems all my music is very.....correct. I guess that's what a $40,000 degree get's you, technical accuracy. I wish I could just pour my soul into little black notes and make it something people would feel a complete NEED to hear.
Well that is what's going through my head. Ladies I love all your pics. It's so much fun to browse through this site. I wish it were slightly more productive as far as activity, but I guess it's always just a waiting game.

Love and Peace to all,


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