Sunday morning ... coffee!  

redwoodsgirl 53F
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5/21/2006 8:42 am
Sunday morning ... coffee!

Oh, want to make some coffee but I'm going out to breakfast with my Dad, so the coffee will wait until then.

Instead I'm indulging in the chemistry of a facial. Got some clay mask powder from a friend and have to mix it yourself. Sort of like making cake mix.

Okay! Thought I was going to sleep in but got up due to cats. Good facial, breakfast with Dad and the rest of the day to myself. Probably be a real wild-child and do my dishes. Being my three-day weekend and all.

Was watching Deadwood yesterday. Al Swearengen ... mmmmfff! Give him a good bath and lose the whiskey and he'd be perfect. Okay, the little bit about murdering people - laugh - that would cause some concern. Let's suffice to say he's a fictional character and I like aspects of the way he's written and played.


Listening to Mp3's while I type and my face dries. Yes, it's true. Women don't look like models in lingerie while sitting at the computer. It makes me sad to break the spell but there it is. I am wearing black leggings and a black tank top to be honest. No lingerie under it, either.

Listening to hippy-music now. "the age of aquarius" Am I a hippy? Like the ones up north with dreadlocks and body hair? Nope. I have long, dark, curly hair (see photo) and I shave. Do I like wearing hippy type clothing and have a real age of aquarius outlook? Yes. Basically I wear what I want to wear and my spiritual/life outlook is much like a Gnostic Mystic's.

Other Mp3's in this set include White Zombie, Beck, Sting, Medieval Babes, The Corrs and the Tragically Hip. To give you a slight overview of some music I like.

One of my faves: Moondance by Van Morrison.


Originally wanted to go camping this weekend. The winter chill is being warmed from the ground. But! Look outside! Clouds spilling over the mountains from the coast. Cold and grey. Fine. Plenty of time left in the season though. Just have a touch of cabin-fever is all.

Rain has started. Good for the trees so it's okay.

Think I'll go look around this site a bit.

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