Golden Sunny Sunday  

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5/28/2006 12:34 pm

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Golden Sunny Sunday

It is so beautiful here. The sun is golden, the sky is blue and the hills are green. I love it here so much.

This morning had breakfast with my Dad, which is something I like to do every Sunday. We went to the car show and they had breakfast there. So we looked at cars and ate pancakes. I asked him to show me cars that were like the ones he remembers as a child. That was interesting.

Spending time with my dad is really nice and important to me.


Changed my profile. Was in rather a crabby frame of mind when I did it. Irked by men, mostly. I love to read profiles but sometimes you stumble on to something that really tweaks your anger. I have a very bright and fiery temper. It blows over fast though. Sort of like fire-works. It's better to stand back and just wait until it burns itself out.


The rest of the day, I am going bike riding and just relaxing. Some things I want to investigate on-line but that can wait until later. I really want to just enjoy the sun. Window shop and all that. None of the stores I like are open today but I can still ride by and have a look.

The stores in Willits that I like are the used book store. The new clothing store that is near Burrito Exisito (spelling?) - they have hippie clothing and jewelry. The store on the very corner of Commercial and Main. Another hippie store with belly-dancing stuff too. They have some moonstone earrings that I covet.

Roxy's Rock shop of course! Their specimens are great. I can shop for rocks anytime. I have a necklace from there that is jasper with ruby inclusions, phrenerite, amethyst and peridot. Very lovely and one of my faves.

I don't shop in Ukiah. I prefer original clothing and such. Much rather spend an afternoon digging through a thrift store for clothes to be honest. It seems much more personal than cookie-cutter clothes from a commercial chain.


I DO get the day off tomorrow! Maybe go to the coast if it's not too cold with the wind. I know I should be patient. Summer will come and it'll be nice but I really just want to get out and about.

Still looking for a camping, hiking and geo-caching partner or friend. Someone who can ride horses, hike and/or bike.

There's this one local rancher who I have a terrible crush on. He's married though so of course it can never be anything more than me flirting with him. Mmmmm. We spoke on the phone the other day (work related) but he just kept talking and chatting. (I think I'm pretty obvious in my desire to just roll his ass in the hay) Anyway -- I was more than happy to listen. Oh my holy pearl is he hot. 48, tall, strong and of course a rancher so he rides and is all outdoorsy. *sigh*

Funny how you always want what you can never have but never want what lays at your feet.

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6/3/2006 1:08 am

i know what you mean my friends wife called the other day and her friend said she just wanted to be loved go for a walk on the beach or something they are split up and she is nice looking so i went over to her house and we just talked for like two hours you sound like a Nice classy Lady any one would be lucky to have someone like you i would like to here from you or meat you

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